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Shopify, one of the main eCommerce platforms in the world Y packlink, the technological platform for comparing and contracting parcel deliveries for individuals and companies, have signed a collaboration agreement. In this way, the online stores created through Shopify will have the shipping solution, Packlink Proready to operate in 3 minutes and with which it is possible to access more than 300 transport services, free of charge, since it is a free integration, no permanence contract or minimum volume of shipments.

For Noelia Lazarus, Marketing Director of Packlink, “This collaboration agreement is just a sample of our commitment to democratize online sales. It is our joint goal to make it possible for any merchant to display, sell and ship their products as easily as possible and to grow their business, thanks to the technology of Shopify and Packlink”.

For its part, Kintxo Cortes, Country Manager of Shopify in Spain, adds, “Providing the best shipping solutions to our merchants has been one of the priorities since we started operating in Spain, and this partnership with Packlink represents a very significant advance in that direction”.

This integration comes at a particularly important time, when many small vendors are turning to the online channel as an alternative for the sale of products from those local businesses closed due to the pandemic. eCommerce platforms like Shopify allow businesses to create your online store from scratch quickly and without a large investment. Among its most notable features is its interface, easy to use, the options it includes to be able to customize the web page in the style of eCommerce itself, ranging from design to content and colors, as well as the tools it integrates to manage all the daily actions of the store from one single place.

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Shopify allows you to use your free trial version for 14 days. After this period, if the results are as expected, you can go to the paid version. For this reason, it is currently considered one of the best platforms to create an eCommerce from scratch.

Packlink Pro’s integration with Shopify is immediate. The application is found in the Shopify App Store, where simply by clicking on the button add apps and three more simple steps, the configuration is done in a few minutes, and from that moment, all the details of the orders that are in the eCommerce are automatically imported to Packlink PRO. From both companies they emphasize that in this way, the sellers will be “minimizing errors and drastically reducing the time needed to carry out order management.”

In addition, virtual stores on Shopify that use the Packlink shipping solution will be able to:

  • Import and unify orders: Orders completed on Shopify are automatically imported to Packlink PRO in real time. It is the effective way to save time and eliminate errors. In addition, if everything is managed from a single platform, control is much more efficient, something that in the long run translates into a key optimization of customer service.
  • Select carrier: This module offers the possibility of accessing a wide range of services from the best courier and parcel companies on the market, from standard, urgent, door-to-door options, collection points.
  • Tracking information in real time: the route of the package is an essential piece of information to know the status of the order, and it is something that customers demand more and more. Thus, this plugin allows us to know the point of the process at all times, to ensure that the shipment has reached its destination correctly or to detect any possible delay or incident.
  • Quick and easy integration: Both companies assure that the integration of this application will be ready in 3 minutes. You just have to follow these synchronize all the information of your store and start using it.
  • Personalized advice: Packlink Pro makes a department of logistics experts available to online stores on Shopify, who will help manage their shipments.
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