Tesla’s costly “failure” that prevents one of its customers from getting into his car

A few weeks ago there was a story about an “alleged” hunger strike by a group of Tesla car owners in Norway. The fact dictated that a group of owners denounced the continuous “failures” of this type of vehicle. Although this event was an advertisement, carried out by a law firm specialized in making collective demands, there are real cases of complaints against Musk’s company, such as the one carried out by Mario Zelaya.

That’s right, apparently they keep certain “bugs” that are generating more than one headache in their users. Like the case that occurred in Canada with Mario Zelaya, who recently published on the TikTok social network the “serious” problems he had with his vehicle that he bought in 2013.

The owner claimed he has been unable to access his $140,000 vehicle after the battery depleted, even though the problem reportedly arose when his car was still under “warranty.”

26,000 euros of battery

In this way, when going to the Tesla store to ask the reasons for the “failure”, they told him that he had to replace the battery, which has a value of 26,000 euros. No more.

Following this information, Zelaya posted a video on TikTok saying that his Model S “piece of junk” died and that the car was “locked,” preventing him from entering. The caption of the video claims: “26,000 euros for a new battery. Everything is completely dead.”

“Water dripping on the battery”

yes According to Zelaya, the ‘Model S’ models from 2013 and 2014 have “problems” with fluid leaking from the air conditioning system to the battery.

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According to the owner, the hose from the air condensing unit “dripped” water onto the battery, “ruining it.” For this reason, he has not been able to get into the vehicle, having to buy a new battery.

In this regard, Fox Business told Zelaya, who told the US network that “I involved Transport Canada, and in fact they did an investigation on the car. Not only did they do an investigation on this vehicle, but they are going to do one that Tesla does not realize Realize it’s coming.”

“Failure” without explanation.

The owner told Fox that he contacted another Tesla owner who said they had the same car battery issues. Zelaya said Tesla paid for that owner’s Uber rides while the vehicle was being repaired.

“Tesla is trying to sweep it under the rug,” he said. “They won’t give them any explanation as to why his battery died,” he said.

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