The before and after of Adele with the Sirtfood diet: this is how she has lost weight being able to drink wine or chocolate

Last Sunday the singer Adele made a great public comeback on the American television program Saturday Night Live. And she confirmed what had already been perceived on her social networks and in some other appearance of hers: the artist has lost a lot of weight. Some British media say that she is about 70 kilos, others that 45, but the only thing that is clear is that she is much thinner and that she has achieved it thanks to the sirtfood diet.

Who invented and follows the Sirtfood diet

Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten are the nutritionists and creators of this diet in which they defend that there are a series of foods, Sirtfoods, that favor the action of sirtuins, proteins that activate SIR genes and protect cells when they are subjected to stress, while reducing inflammation, activating metabolism and regulating the aging process.

This method of weight loss was put in writing, in the book, ‘, and it is believed that in addition to Adele, personalities such as Pippa Middleton or Madonna have followed it

Sirtfood and the metabolic power of sirtuins

Sirtuins are proteins present in cells that have enzymatic activity and that regulate metabolic processes, cell aging, inflammatory reactions and protection against neuron degeneration.

This is true, but the studies that support this dietary proposal also ensure that sirtuins improve the body’s ability to burn fat and allow weight loss without loss of muscle mass. In addition, the authors assure that this diet was carried out and verified in one of the most exclusive London clubs dedicated to health and physical maintenance.

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Despite these investigations, the effectiveness of sirtuins for weight loss or aging has not been scientifically proven. However, there are experimental studies that show that mice with high levels of sirtuins live longer than mice with low levels.

What foods are present in the Sirtfood diet

The importance of these sirtuins is, according to this dietary restriction, the essence of this diet. So, it has assessed a series of foods, the Sirtfood, which favor the production of these proteins. Among them, black chocolate or wine stand out.

These foods are: extra virgin olive oil, radicchio, capers, lovage, blueberries, coffee, onions, kale, turmeric, chili, dark chocolate (over 85%), Medjool dates, strawberries, walnuts, parsley , arugula, soybeans (especially derivatives such as tofu), matcha tea, buckwheat and red wine

What is the Sirtfood method?

In addition to being clear about which foods are the most likely to generate, you must follow a strict diet of shakes and number of calories that are distributed in three phases.

The first phase: it lasts three days and a maximum of 1,000 calories is ingested, spread over a solid meal and three vegetable shakes.

The second phase: lasts until the desired weight is achieved. Calories are increased to 1,500, another solid food is added and the shakes are maintained.

The third phase: it is the maintenance phase and the calories are increased to 1,800, a third solid meal is added and the shakes are maintained.

Why the Sirtfood diet slims: hypocaloric diet and sport

Beyond the hypothetical action of sirtuins, this dietary restriction is effective for losing weight because it is a hypocaloric diet, that is, the human body is taking in fewer calories than it needs. Therefore, you will need to use the body’s fat reserves for energy. In addition, for the Sirtfood diet to be effective, you also have to do more sports activity to motivate fat burning.

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Is the sirtfood diet good for health?

Low-calorie and restrictive diets of many foods such as Sirtfood are never good for health if they last too long because they restrict the human being from the calories necessary for proper functioning and from essential substances. In addition, by restricting so many foods, there is the possibility that the diet will be abandoned and the rebound effect will occur.

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