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Christmas is synonymous with shopping, shopping and more shopping, right? Or what is the same, spend, spend and spend. We even get a headache just thinking about it. For this reason, and knowing that you need to save at the end of the month no matter what, today we tell you What bargains can you find in technology? because, although it may be hard to believe, there are quite a few discounts.

But first, let us remind you that for bargains, the ones we have at … With our mobile, fiber optic rates or both, Internet at home + data on the phone, you will be able to save on your bills. Yes, here we give more for less 😉.

Do you have to renew your laptop? Look at these bargains

If you are studying and your computer doesn’t stop bothering you, pay attention to the discounts on brands like , or even. You can get a new one for less than you imagine.

At Dell they offer discount coupons for students

If you are a student, you can save up to 20% in electronic devices. In its you can get coupons for all your products (not just computers, of course).

On the HP brand you can save up to 30%

If you study at high school or university and register at , you can enjoy their discounts on laptops or tablets. If in addition to studying, you also play games, there are gaming computers at a very good price.

Sales at Lenovo Education

The Lenovo brand too has its own store with discounts for those of you who study and offers you affordable laptops and tablets. Take a look at his Maybe something fits you.

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Apple also offers discounts

Although Apple sounds expensive, the American brand also offers Macs and iPads super discounted for the educational sector in its

Well, you now have many options to renew your computer and start with another one in 2022. New year, new laptop 🙂.

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