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With these stickers for Telegram you can bring your conversations to life and express your feelings visually. Forget about misunderstandings!

Saying “I’m in :)” for an outing with friends is not the same as expressing it with a Homer Simpson sticker that jumps with excitement and joy. Telegram wants to take over WhatsApp by offering a infinite possibilities of stickerswith your favorite movies and animals.

As everyone can make their own packs, there are an immense amount of stickers. Therefore, today we are going to bring you the best sticker packs for Telegram, so that you can shine in those group chats.
The key to stickers is that can replace emoticons. When you download several packs and want to express love, press the heart-shaped eyes emoticon and the stickers that can replace it will appear.

Best Sticker Packs for Telegram

To download the packs you have to enter and use the search engine in each case. ¡And all free! You can also see the most popular stickers among users or search for which Pokémon pack you prefer.

Can download them both from your mobile and from your computer, as long as you are identified in Telegram Web. The stickers you choose will be synced across all your devices.


The cat Pusheen can win the hearts of the toughest biker gang. If you are more of a dog person, you have dozens of packs to choose from. And if we talk about ‘cuquis’ things, You also have Minions stickers. And you thinking you were going to get rid of them!

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Chuck Norris, Leonardo Dicaprio and dozens of funny memes can’t be missing from your phone. If you feel something else political, you also have packs of Putin, Trump or even from Spanish politicians.

Plus, there’s no better way to celebrate than with your team. soccer has won than a Cristiano Ronaldo shouting with joy.

Series and cinema

Game of Thrones fans will be able to fill their chats with Khaleesis and Joffreys thanks to this pack. Bring out your geekiest side with stickers from Breaking Bad, Harry Potter, the Simpsons Shrek or Star Wars. And, thanks to a pack of 82 crazy Friends stickers, you won’t have to communicate using words again!


These Deadpool stickers are very well done and will be great for the most hooligan messages. You also have more classic but equally expressive selections, such as Spider-man or Batman.

Video game

We do not forget gamers, who will find the most popular sagas in the page. The League of Legends ones are especially polished and you can also download Fallout or Hotline Miami.

Have you fallen in love with anyone? If you prefer to return to classic emoticons, you may still be interested in knowing the as the representation of the collective of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals (LGBT).

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