The five most expensive restaurants in Barcelona

The cosmopolitan city of Barcelona is one of the favorites of the most exclusive clients. The owners of great fortunes love the city, since in it they can find luxury services in very broad senses.

One of them is gastronomy, the city is home to many haute cuisine restaurants, which prepare incredible dishes with the best raw materials in the country. Barcelona has high-quality restaurants, experts in national and Catalan gourmet cuisine. Not in vain, it is a reference and cradle of great chefs on the national scene.

These are the trendy restaurants in Barcelona

1. ABC

This restaurant is run by the prestigious chef Jordi Cruz and is located in a highly elegant setting, in which light also plays an important role. You have to book well in advance to be able to taste any of its dishes, since it has just received the long-awaited 3 Michelin stars. In addition, it only has capacity for 56 people, although there are adjoining rooms to expand the capacity.

Their dishes are minimalist in design and very careful in terms of presentation, where they place a lot of emphasis. Its high-quality flavors are accompanied by the pairing of its winery, with a large number of gourmet wines. The average price of the menu is 260 euros per person.

2. Sant Pau, by Carme Ruscalleda

Two Michelin stars endorse the haute cuisine of this famous restaurant among lovers of luxury and know-how. It offers a tasting menu, made with dishes as striking and original as parrot fish or foal tartare. The price of this menu is around 170 euros.

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3. Wine bar

As its name indicates, it is based on offering high quality food in the company of the wine that best suits it. It is located in the ARTS Hotel and has two Michelin stars. The food combines traditional and more modern flavors, but without a doubt the prominence and the high price of its menu comes from having the best national and international wines. 170 euros on average pay their guests.

4. Lasarte

One of the most prestigious, not only in Barcelona but in all of Spain, as it was the first in the entire city to obtain 3 Michelin stars. At the head of Lasarte is the prestigious Basque chef Martín Berasategui, one of the greats of world cuisine. This means that, in order to enjoy the gastronomy of the restaurant, you have to book months in advance. Lasarte offers a tasting menu for 165 euros per person.

5.Koy Shunka

An authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant could not be missing. They say that Koy Shunka is a perfect choice for those who enjoy Japanese food. It is a great bet to taste a traditional Japanese menu, without having to travel thousands of kilometers. The price per diner in this luxury restaurant can range between 90 and 200 euros, approximately.

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