The most powerful names for clothing stores according to your target

Are you preparing a business? Do you need to define the name? I invite you to continue reading this article for two reasons: the first is that I want to give you the best tips for choosing the names for clothing stores more powerful. The second is to introduce you to the Name Generator Tool, with which you will have the necessary inspiration to start with your brand.

If you are planning your new venture and it is associated with the fashion segment, you hit the nail on the head!

According to our report, the cloud store category with the highest turnover in 2021 was fashion. So, the opportunities to grow in this market selling online are many.

However, when it comes to materializing a brand you cannot let yourself be carried away by inspiration or creativity alone. The best thing is to have a robust branding project that includes slogans, packaging, labels and logos. In addition, it is essential to know how to choose names for clothing stores according to your target.

Naming: what does it mean and why is it so important for your project?

The first…

The term naming means to name. Now, this process is part of branding and it involves different techniques and strategies that will point to a goal: create the name of a store, company, product or service.

So he naming or name is the unique verbal value that characterizes the brand. While the brand design represents the visual identity. These corporate identity factors serve a purpose on their own, but they cannot be isolated.

If you develop a brand, its attributes, values ​​and personality must be coherent and consistent. In this sense, you must convey confidence to your customers, as well as evoke positive emotions through your actions.

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But what happens when you choose names for clothing businesses? The naming o name is the pillar to identify your brand. It will serve as a bridge to establish an emotional bond with your customers and help the audience remember your business.

The naming or name for a clothing store should be timeless. It should not be changed, unlike the graphic identity that can go through a rebranding process, as it is called in digital marketing.

On the other hand, by creating a name that is easy to remember, distinctive, audible and legible, you will have endless ways to communicate your message and brand concept. A remarkable brand name must convey differentiating and relevant values.

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Step by step: data to take into account before creating the name of your brand

Starting a business from scratch involves investing your time, money and effort. For this reason, I want to accompany you from the process of defining your brand philosophy to helping you manage your sales. Let’s make your dream of entrepreneurship come true!

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In this section I will focus on letting you know a series of data that you must take into account before creating the name of your clothing store:

  1. Define your brand philosophy.
  2. Know your buyer person.
  3. Analyze your competition.
  4. Build your digital marketing plan

1. Define your brand philosophy

A very common mistake is to think that the first step in creating a business is establishing the name. On the contrary, Before choosing the name for your clothing store, it is crucial to answer these basic questions:

  • What kind of clothes are you going to sell?
  • Who is going to be your target audience?
  • In which country or countries are you going to distribute your brand?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • What is the vision and mission of your brand?
  • What are your business goals and values?
  • What will be the voice and tone in your strategic communications?
  • What will be your business model?

2. Know your buyer person

Once the target audience is defined, we recommend you go a little further. For create a clothing brand that sells, stays in the mind of your client and lasts over time, follow this golden rule: think about the interests of your .

  • What needs do customers have?
  • How old are they?
  • Where they live?
  • What do you do?
  • What are your interests and likes?
  • Do you prefer to shop online or in a physical store?

3. Analyze your competition

Another important step to consider before creating the name for your clothing store is Get to know your competitors thoroughly.

To do this, you will need various digital tools such as Google and social networks to study brands similar to yours. Take note of these tips:

  • Enter Google and make a list with the keywords with which the competition is positioned.

For example, if you sell sportswear, try these searches: “women’s sportswear” or “women’s sportswear”. Do not forget to check the websites that appear in the first results.

Here is an example to guide you and analyze what the most common terms are.

  • Visit social networks like , or and pay attention to the criteria used by other brands to: publish their visual content (photos, videos or stories), publicize your communication strategy, show your plan to present digital campaigns and see how they interact with your customers.

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4. Build your digital marketing plan

If you have reached this point, it means that you are ready to start your project. It is time to define your digital marketing strategy aligned to the graphic identity: logo, slogan, color palette, design of packaging of garments and labels.

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After this, you will have the green light to create the name of your online clothing store along with the communication strategy.

What characteristics should a name for clothing stores have?
  • Must be short, easy to write and pronounce.
  • Must be euphoniousthat is to say, that it is pleasing to the eye and to the ear.
  • Must be universal and that it adapts to any language.
  • It shouldn’t be too specific or descriptive in case you want to expand your brand or add new products and services in the future.
  • Some methods for choosing original brand names are rhymes, alliteration and acronyms.

8 techniques to create an original and creative name

well said it naseem javedpresident of ABC Namebank and expert in corporate nomenclature: “Having a bad name is helping the competition”. So that you do not make mistakes when putting together your list of names for online clothing storesI present 8 effective techniques:

  1. Composition
  2. Fusion
  3. Combination
  4. Contraction
  5. Derivation
  6. alternative spelling
  7. phonosymbolism
  8. Palindrome

1. By composition

It consists of resorting to the juxtaposition of two words to create a naming original and unique. Example:- Photoshop.

2. By fusion

This technique consists of using two words that have a letter in common to create a new one. Example: Eveready – DirecTV.

3. By combination

With this idea you can use two words that share a similar morphological structure. Example: Frappuccino – Accenture.

4. By contraction

Using this technique, a new name is created based on the abbreviation of a word that already exists. Example: Adidas is the acronym for the name of its founder, Adolf Dassler.

5. By referral

This device is used when taking a root word and adding prefixes or suffixes to it to create a new name. Example: Splenda-Tropicana.

6. By alternative spelling

In these cases, the spelling of a well-written word is altered. Example: Google. (The origin of “Google” comes from the word “googol” which in Spanish would be “gúgol”. This is known as the number 10 raised to 100).

7. By phonosymbolism

It is about the creation of neologisms by incorporating new words and meanings. Example: Prozac-Netflix.

8. By palindrome

This technique consists of the use of two words that read the same from left to right as from right to left. Example: Civic-Kayak.

Names for clothing stores: 35 ideas to inspire you

What is promised is debt! I know that behind every project, there is always a creative mind. So to enhance your name ideas for clothing storesI leave you these proposals according to your target audience.

Name Ideas for Women’s Clothing Stores

It is an open secret that the women’s clothing market is competitive. However, it offers endless opportunities to position and expand your business. if you have one women’s clothing store think about creating a glamorous or elegant name.

  • women’s clothing
  • glamor clothes
  • Store – women’s clothing
  • chic
  • star clothing
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Try these tips!

  • PTo personalize the shopping experience of your customerschoose your name or surname, look for the diminutive and add the word “boutique”, it is an attractive option and is associated with the sector.
  • Use words that have their origin in the world of fashion such as “Gala”, “Style” or “Plus” to make it easier to position yourself, both in the market and in the minds of your audience.
  • Use trigger words according to the age of your target. For example, use fresh, modern words if your audience is young. Whereas, if they are adults, try more sophisticated phrases.

Name Ideas for Men’s Clothing Stores

Men’s clothing stores are becoming more and more popular. Men’s fashion brands are imposing themselves with proposals that range from the classic to the extravagant.

  • Connection Man
  • Casual – Men’s Clothing
  • Sports man
  • glam

Try these tips!

  • Choose a business name that is capable of attracting the attention of your clients, in addition to reflecting their style when dressing.
  • Play with words or abbreviations to create a name for men’s clothing stores always pointing to the axis of your brand with terms such as “Sport” or “Play”.

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Name ideas for children’s clothing stores

if you have one children’s clothing store, your best allies will be tenderness, love and fun when it comes to conveying your message. In addition, you will have to think of an original and fantastic name to establish yourself in the world of children’s clothing.

  • beautiful children
  • Sweet
  • Energy
  • Handmade
  • Kids Style

Try these tips!

  • Look for inspiration in the games or in the music of the little onessee how their day to day goes or what are the trending children’s programs to get ideas and start your imagination rolling.
  • Select words in Spanish, English or in another language but that are easy to pronounce. On many occasions, being a short name becomes “a verb” and this makes your customers familiar with your products.

Name ideas for baby clothing stores

One of the factors to stand out with your baby clothing store is to create an authentic name. To this is added that you provide a quality product, made with first class materials and that adapts to the needs of the smallest of the home.

  • baby charm
  • cool babies
  • fashion babies
  • Co. Babies
  • made babies

Try these tips!

  • Explore, investigate and…
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