The success behind Lidl: who makes its seven most awarded products

In the midst of a war of supermarkets to see who it is, Lidl has managed to be one of the great protagonists of the food market. Since it opened its first store in Lérida in 1994, the German chain has established itself as one of the companies with the highest share of customers, thanks to its low-price strategy and an important network of partners that manufacture its well-known brand products. white.

Milbona, Cien or W5 are some of the firms with which Lidl has been awarded on more than one occasion in different international competitions, or recognized by institutions dedicated to food. Cataloged these products as “Awarded Quality” by the German chain itself, many of them are the most sought after in establishments due to their good value for money.

A concept that Lidl always tries to implement and for which it is increasingly launching itself into more daring niches. However, none of this would be successful if it were not for the manufacturers that the German company supports to make everything from vegan products to cosmetic items, including cheeses or oils that are highly admired throughout the world.

Extra Virgin Oil

One of the reference products in the German chain is its olive oil, which it markets exclusively under the Olisone brand. In the variety of , the German chain managed to hang the .

Based in Córdoba, the company that manufactures Olisone is . A company with a family tradition with several international awards given its wide range of oils. With more than 70 years of history, this chain recognizes giving priority to artisanal ways instead of mass production, which achieves the best results in the liquid gold sector.

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hazelnut drink

Under Lidl’s most representative brand, Milbona, it was recognized in the 2017/2018 academic year as one of the best products of the year. 100% vegetable, does not include gluten or lactose. In addition, it is sold on the shelves of the German chain for 1.49 euros per liter.

Regarding its production, it is made by , a natural company from Burgos specialized in 100% vegetable foods. With the aim of being a leader in the European sector, they have been committed to healthy eating in their drinks and desserts for more than 20 years.

Grand reserve cheese 12 months

Another of Lidl’s best-selling food products is the Roncero brand cheese. Specifically, one of the most recognized is the one that obtained the and costs 2.69 euros. In addition, the aged and cured manchego wines have also won awards.

All these cheeses that arrive under the Roncero brand, which the German chain sells exclusively. But as far as its production is concerned, this is the work of , a French group with a multinational presence that also works in Spain with President, Gran Capitán or Puleva, among others. He is based in Albacete.

vegan burger

Among the latest products that have entered the shelves of Lidl, the My Best Veggie line of vegan products stands out. In the case of the vegetable roll of tofu and seaweed with which hamburgers are made, with a score of 88 out of 100. It costs 5.59 euros and contains around 700 grams.

This signature of Lidl vegan food comes under the association with the company, based in the Netherlands, . Aware of reducing the consumption of animal meat since 1990, they offer hundreds of vegan products around the entire continent.

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Already fully in the cosmetics sector, Lidl has been cataloged by the OCU as the chain with the best moisturizing cream in supermarkets, above globally recognized firms. With its white brand Cien, it is always one of the great demands of customers. The container of 250 milliliters costs 1.49 euros.

As far as their manufacture is concerned, these Cien cream products come from Germany under the company . Born in 1950 with the need to cover emergency products after World War II, such as putty for windows or lubricating grease, today it is dedicated exclusively to skin care. With more than 2,000 items under its catalog, the company exports to almost 70 countries around the world.

dishwasher tablets

Also with a broad consensus of the OCU regarding products for cleaning cutlery, those of Lidl arrive under the white brand W5. “Awarded Quality” is recognized in up to four varieties, with all products costing between 3.59 euros and 3.99 euros.

For its part, manufacturing comes under the ownership of Lidl under the association with . Of Murcian origin, this chemical company is specialized in a wide range of household products and clothing that is part of the Inquivisa Group.


The last of Lidl’s award-winning and outstanding products is the deodorant in , specialized in the female public. Under the Cien signature, it is one of the best in the supermarket, with a rating of 75 out of 100. In a 50-milliliter container, the unit costs 0.69 euros.

In the case of deodorants and unlike moisturizing cream, Cien works under the company , also based in Germany. A company specialized in cosmetics and personal care products that is included in the Dalli Group, with more than 100 years of history.

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