The Treasury notice: these people must submit the Income 2021-2022 mandatory

The 2021-2022 Income Campaign enters its second month with the opening of the term for the telephone presentation of IRPF (Personal Income Tax) declarations. An occasion in which the Tax Agency has taken the opportunity to remind taxpayers who must submit these declarations within the period established by the agency.

, the Ministry of Finance has recalled that there are people who are not required to file the Income Tax return, but also other taxpayers who, if they meet the criteria that refer to their level of income and income obtained in the 2021 financial year, They must present the Income obligatorily. If these people do not comply with their tax obligation, they will be exposed to sanctions.

As the Treasury explains, as a general rule all people who exclusively obtain income from work (salaries, unemployment benefits, pensions…) above 22,000 euros per year will have to present the Income tax return.

In addition, people who have two or more payers will have a lower limit if from the second payer and following they have been paid more than 1,500 per year: for them, the limit will be 14,000 euros per year and those who have reached that amount must be declared.

In other cases of income that comes exclusively from work income, the limit is 14,000 euros per year: when the income received is subject to a fixed rate of withholding, when the payer is not obliged to withhold and when compensatory pensions are received from the spouse or annuities for alimony different from those received from the parents.

In addition, in the event that the taxpayer’s income comes from dividends, interest and capital gains subject to withholding, all those who exceed 1,600 euros per year in these concepts will have to present the Income statement.

If the taxpayer’s income originates from imputed real estate income, full income from movable capital not subject to withholding derived from Treasury bills and subsidies for the acquisition of officially protected or appraised price housing, and other capital gains derived from public aid , the limit to make the income statement is 1,000 euros per year.

The obligation of the beneficiaries of the Minimum Vital Income in Income

They will also be obliged to declare the people who have received the Minimum Vital Income throughout 2021, since it is one of the requirements that the benefit itself demands for the maintenance of the right to its collection.

In these cases, all members of the cohabitation unit, including minors, will have to present the declaration. In the vast majority of returns, the result will be zero, since the Minimum Vital Income is an exempt income. Even so, the process is still mandatory for the more than one million people who receive this benefit.

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