These are the requirements to retire at 61

They allow the worker who so wishes to end his professional career early in exchange for a penalty in the amount of his pension. However, there are cases in which said worker, with a lower age, takes advantage of early retirement as a result of a dismissal.

It is known as early retirement derived from non-voluntary cessation of work, and it affects those workers who, at an age close to this retirement, and faced with the great difficulty of returning to the labor market, decide to retire early after a dismissal in their company.

In order to take advantage of this type of early retirement, workers have to meet several requirements, but one seems to be the most important for practical purposes: they cannot have more than four less than the . For 2021 in Spain it is 66 years old or 65 if they have worked for more than 37 years and 3 months, so this pension is available to those workers who retire at 62 and 61 years old, respectively.

In addition, the worker who thinks of this early retirement as a possible solution must meet other conditions that:

-Prove 33 years of contribution (or mandatory military service), of which at least two must occur in the last 15 years. For agricultural workers, it is required to contribute six within the last ten.

-Be registered as a job seeker for at least six months from dismissal.

-That dismissal occurred due to a “business restructuring situation” that is included in any of the following categories: collective and objective dismissals for economic, technical, organizational or production reasons, termination of contract due to judicial resolutions or due to the existence of cause of force majeure and death, disability or retirement of the individual entrepreneur.

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So are the amounts of their pensions

If these requirements are met, the worker may benefit from early retirement from the age of 61 or 62, depending on the case. Depending on how early you retire from the ordinary retirement age, your pension will be reduced (the result of taking into account the ) in the following ways:

-The regulatory base will be reduced by 1.875% per quarter in advance in the case of workers with less than 38 years and 6 months of contributions.

-The reduction is 1.75% per quarter for those workers between 38 years and 6 months and 41 years and 6 months of contributions.

-It is reduced by 1.625% per quarter for workers between 41 years and 6 months and 44 years and 6 months of contributions.

-A coefficient of 1.5% per quarter in advance for workers over 44 years of age and 6 months of contributions.

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