These are the side effects that the third dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can produce

With the authorization of the third booster dose for all those over 18 years of age in Spain, the percentage of people vaccinated is expected to continue to increase up to three times over the next few days. Currently still far from 50% of the population, however they have already been experiencing the side effects of this triple puncture.

Since the go-ahead was given in Spain for the preparation of the vaccines, almost the entire population has undergone one of these doses, which are not yet mandatory in any case. An important step in the fight against the coronavirus that in recent months has been very aware of the third dose or booster dose.

A new puncture that seeks to generate more antibodies to combat covid-19, more after the rapid expansion of the omicron variant and for which Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are being used in most cases. The two most popular companies in Spain and whose application generates different side effects.

This is how the Ministry of Health collects it, in line with the (WHO), in order to warn all patients of the risks they may suffer when vaccinated… although always mild and much less than being exposed to contagion by coronavirus without vaccine.

These are the side effects of Pfizer

In general, and as reported by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the application of the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine generates in most cases fatigue, headache and muscle pain .

Of course, with mild episodes, relationships with (heart problems) have also been found, so it is recommended to consult prior application of the dose in case of cardiovascular problems.

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So are the side effects of Moderna

For their part, the EMA, the WHO and the Ministry of Health also detail tiredness, headache and fever among the most likely side effects of the application of the third dose with Moderna.

In mild or moderate episodes, as with Pfizer, there are certain cases related to heart problems, although very specific and in very specific patients.

How to reduce the effects of Pfizer and Moderna?

As with the application of the first two doses, in order to relieve pain with both one or another vaccine, rest and drinking plenty of water is recommended. Also, if the effects begin to be consistent, specialists always advise taking ibuprofen to reduce symptoms.

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