Thinking of joining the sand pool trend? These are its advantages and average price

Beach-type pools are one of the latest developments in the sector that gain more followers every year. These are built-in pools, but they are made with compacted sand, resins and other materials to achieve an aesthetic finish similar to that of a natural beach. Likewise, they stand out for not having stairs, for an inclined surface towards the deepest areas and an irregular shape that imitates a natural environment.

How much does a sand pool cost?

The Cronoshare platform, a portal that puts clients who need a local service in contact with professionals, explains that these types of alternatives have higher prices than concrete ones. The reason is that they usually require a longer execution time, the materials are usually more expensive and, sometimes, their construction is accompanied by landscaping work. Taking this into account, prices vary between 10,000 euros and more than 25,000 euros. However, the most common price is around 18,000 euros.

Construction and maintenance time

Cronoshare says that the construction of this type of pool usually takes between 30 and 40 days. However, it is an estimated time that can vary greatly depending on the size and design of the pool. In addition, it has a great influence if this work is accompanied by a landscaping project around the pool or even the property.

Regarding the maintenance of this type of product, it is the same as that of construction pools. Thus, they must have a water purification system (which is usually carried out through traditional chlorination or saline chlorination). In addition, it is possible to include air conditioning systems.

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What are the advantages of sand pools?

The portal consulted says that the main advantage of this type of pool is customization, since most companies allow customers to choose the size, shape, depth or accessories. A degree of own design that can also be taken to the gardening that is accompanied.

Another quality, the most obvious, is the more natural and warm result offered by this type of alternative, since the corner of a farm can become a tropical beach or an Ibizan cove. Likewise, Cronoshare ensures that this type of design is very suitable for young children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

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