This app shows you what you spend on subscriptions to services like Netflix or Spotify

Nowadays, rare is the one who is not subscribed to some online service like Netflix, HBO, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon and similar in which every month (or every year, it depends) we pay religiously to continue accessing them (although some; slap on the wrist). Now, with so many platforms, it is possible that more than one person forgets the billing periods or even how much money they are spending on all their subscriptions.

To keep accounts clear, the app has arrived «Subscriptions«, which although it is only available in English -at this time- is completely free and does not include advertising.

In “Subscriptions” you have an overview of the money you invest in all your subscriptions

The main idea of ​​this application is simple: collect your subscriptions so that you have an overview of how many you have, How much does each one cost you and what expenses do they entail in total?, both monthly and annually. Because we already know: €5 on one side, €10 on the other…

And keep an eye on the data: no need to log in with your accounts of these subscriptions (in fact it does not include this option) since we have to enter the data manually. What we feared at first disappears when we understand how the app works.

Thus, when opening “Subscriptions” we will simply create a category that we can call “Netflix”, enter the subscription price, how often the payment occurs and assign it a color to highlight it in the main menu. We will repeat the process with each service that we want to write down.

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What’s more, although it is mainly designed for platforms of this type, You can also use them to note other services that leave this ecosystem, such as subscriptions to online casinos (although there are more and more alternatives that allow them), betting houses, cloud storage services, stores…

It also reminds you when each subscription is charged

Because in addition to recurring expenses, “Subscriptions” also gives you the opportunity to account specific expensesa very useful detail for those who prefer to keep track of absolutely everything they spend.

In this way, the app reveals to us how much the joke works for us. monthlybut also annually if we touch the upper right corner of the screen (you can see it in the first screenshots of the entry). In the same way, if in the subscriptions we enter the exact date of each billing, it will indicate How many days are left until the next payment?being able to activate a personalized alert as the day approaches.

Additionally, it also has other fields to fill in such as the payment method (in case we have more than one card and we want to differentiate or locate the subscriptions for each one) or labels to categorize each service.

You can download Subscriptions on Android

At the moment the app is only available for devices Android. As we said before, It is totally free and also does not have advertising; For all these reasons it has become one of our favorite applications. It even has dark mode!

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What do you think of the app? Did you already know her? Have you been scared when you realize how much your subscriptions cost you in total? You can leave us your comments below.

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