This is Datadis, the free platform to know your electricity consumption in detail and increase savings

The energy transition process gives the consumer a much more decisive role and the distribution networks are going to become the key lever of the new paradigm of the electricity system, acting as neutral facilitators so that the consumer can manage their electricity consumption.

In this context, Datadis was born two years ago with the clear objective of covering an increasingly pressing need in our society: knowing the data on electricity consumption.

Consumers, in the past, perceived that it was information beyond their reach and understanding, but with the growing importance that the electricity sector, energy prices and European wholesale markets have acquired, many consumers, increasingly more demanding, they want to know and understand all the actors and factors that intervene in this industry starting with the last link, such as final consumption.

Increasingly, electrical uses in homes and businesses are gaining more weight and it is essential that customers can manage the energy they consume, and therefore their expenses and savings, in the best possible way.

With the goal in mind of being of great use to society in this area, Datadis, created by all the Spanish electricity distribution companies, integrated into the ael?c, Aseme and Cide associations, offers a transparent, objective and where anyone can know and understand the data of their electricity consumption and maximum power demanded in a simple, safe and free way, even having more than one supply point that are connected to different distributors.

This is possible thanks to the fact that Datadis is a data gateway that has access to the databases of the national electricity distributors, whose number amounts to more than 350 at this time.

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According to Paloma Sevilla, managing director of Datadis, one of the most relevant aspects that was taken into account when designing Datadis was its accessibility: “It was a priority that it be an easy-to-understand platform, where the simplicity of navigation could be combined fluid and organic with the possibility of offering the information in the most complete and clear way possible”.

That balance between compression and information took a lot of effort, but the end result is brilliant, with a comfortable and readable interface and design. In the words of Alberto Basté, founding partner of Energestic, an energy services engineering company specializing in energy contracting, management and accounting, and a partner of Datadis, “thanks to the real consumption data of Datadis, the free collective purchasing service of It is the only one that allows the user to accurately know the savings in their electricity rate”. Another example of success is El Corte Inglés, which “relies on Datadis to collect its electricity consumption data from its shopping centers nationwide.”

Access to all kinds of information

The platform works in a simple and accessible way for anyone, regardless of their knowledge and handling of digital fields. It simply requires registering with the NIF/CIF and providing an identification document. All data, both individualized and aggregated, can be viewed on the platform or downloaded via API.

Individual consumption data can also be downloaded to .csv, .xml or json files; adapting to multiple formats that the consumer may need.

The platform also has aggregate data, statistical information on all national consumption, which can be obtained in a simple way through predetermined monthly reports or through more detailed queries. This information has a history of three years.

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Due to its clear vocation to help citizens, Datadis is aimed at all electricity customers, the more than 29 million that currently exist.

They can access all the relevant information of their contract, as well as information on electricity consumption in different periods of time, with a breakdown that can be up to hours and quarter of hours. It also offers the maximum power demanded, a fact of great importance to adapt our contracts.

Likewise, access may be allowed to those agents that the client considers of interest, and to those who give express consent to access this information, such as other marketers or companies that offer energy saving and efficiency services that may make personalized offers.

The individualized consumption information is of special interest for those who have more than one supply point because it centralizes the consumption information regardless of which distribution company the consumption is connected to.

It has also been designed for those companies that offer services to improve consumption, energy efficiency and marketers, so that, knowing the consumption pattern of their clients, when they authorize them, they can offer them better offers so that they reduce their consumption.

Likewise, the platform offers aggregated data that provides statistical information of general interest for regulators, administrations, market agents, social agents, among others.

ABANCA was the first financial institution to collaborate with this project promoted by ael?c. This alliance has allowed ABANCA to obtain the energy consumption of its centers in a centralized and automated manner, promoting the lines established in its Energy and Environmental Policy and the emission reduction objectives set out in its Global Energy Efficiency Plan.

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Datadis, as a centralized data hub, is the result of the commitment to innovation and digitization that electricity distributors have made in recent years, especially after the implementation of smart meters in homes, which has allowed consumers to access data details about your electricity consumption.

With all these tools offered by Datadis, it has never been so easy to know your own consumption and, based on that information, adapt your consumption habits to reduce your electricity bill. When Datadis was launched in mid-2020, it was already a useful tool, but the socioeconomic context did not make it such a demanded and essential tool.

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