This is Dija, the supermarket of the future that operates in Madrid: buy it in 10 minutes or they give you 3 months

A new trend in supermarkets has already arrived in Madrid. Picking up the shopping cart and going through the infinite corridors of the establishments looking for the desired product says goodbye, to receive the purchase in an instant at the door of the house. Through a rider, and although all the big chains have been doing it in recent years, it presents the alternative of being a “ghost” supermarket. With six establishments in the capital, only the employees can enter and take the article that the client has indicated to them.

The supermarket of the future, as it says, has arrived in the capital with a view to expanding throughout the national territory in the coming months. An idea already implemented in London, Paris or New York that has appeared in Madrid thanks to the idea of ​​businessman David Alonso Martínez, responsible for exporting this London company to Spain.

And although they admit that they do not like the name of “ghost supermarket”, Dija fits perfectly with this term. An establishment, like those of a lifetime, but where its aisles are only walked by employees who put the products indicated by customers in the cart and send them home thanks to the company’s riders.

Dija guarantees job security for its employees, as well as competition with other chains with the same prices

, or Dija is committed to giving away 3 months of free shipping, it is in this speed where its great success lies so that the consumer has just finished selecting the products, they already have them in their fridge. In addition, this chain guarantees job security for its 200 employees, including its distributors as in other large companies.

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“Now we have 2,000 products available and the idea is to scale it up to 3,000 products in the next two or three months,” acknowledges David, who makes it clear that they compete directly with traditional establishments with “the same prices.” At the moment only the app is available for the Apple Store (with a 10 euro gift), it will soon reach Android devices.

Dija pledges to donate all surplus food to charity

An expansion plan that is expected in the second half of 2021, as well as the arrival in Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Seville. By then, Dija hopes to have settled in Madrid thanks to its startup format that fights face to face with the big food chains.

Ghost or from the future, these supermarkets are here to stay, offering, in addition to immediacy, a social commitment that seeks to invest in its own fleet of electric vehicles or donate all surpluses to different charities.

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