This is the most successful Ikea oven: for the OCU it is the best given its price and electricity savings

Increasingly essential in the kitchen, having a good oven at home can help prepare all kinds of dishes with an eye toward the arrival of Christmas. Very useful for pizzas, chicken, fish or pastries, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) wanted to highlight where Ikea stands out above many other brands.

In times where the electricity bill represents one of the largest items of monthly spending in a home, having an oven that consumes the least possible number of watts while giving an optimal result is more than essential for the family economy. Something that the OCU wanted to highlight, emphasizing that it is not necessary to spend more than 300 euros for a profitable model with a long useful life.

Thus, it must have a good oven the institution stands out above all the . The most recommended option on the market, “master purchase”, backed by the quality provided by the Swedish multinational that is increasingly involved in other sectors beyond the usual furniture.

With good results in cooking, especially in pastries, this oven is one of the fastest to preheat (around 5 minutes, while others need up to a quarter of an hour). In addition, its electricity consumption is minimal (the average is three euros among all models) and it supports a volume of 64 liters that helps to achieve an ‘A’ label in energy efficiency.

The lack of a locking door, pyrolytic cleaning or telescopic rails, among the great disadvantages of the Ikea oven

Also with disadvantages, but that supports its excellent price of 229 euros (), the OCU reflects that it lacks pyrolytic cleaning, a door locking system and telescopic rails. More developed features that you only get on slightly more expensive models.

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The AEG oven is good if you get the best price

This can be seen in the , the other most prominent oven by the institution. Yes, with pyrolytic cleaning, blocking or telescopic rails, as well as good results in cooking and temperature precision, its great disadvantage is that it takes up to 15 minutes to preheat to 200 degrees (a greater inconvenience than Ikea’s). In addition, with a capacity of 66 liters, its price is between 239 and 450 euros, depending on the establishment where it is purchased.

It is because of this great price difference that the OCU is where you can see all the models available in the general market, in order to achieve the best possible performance for the customer. All in an appliance that is increasingly essential and with which very good results are achieved that without a suitable one would be almost impossible to cook.

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