This is the period in which you can request a retirement pension from Social Security

The moment of retirement is often the most anticipated by workers who want to permanently withdraw from the labor market and collect a pension. But when to do it? If said worker is clear about the date on which he wishes to retire, he must also know that he has to meet certain deadlines.

Social Security has explained on its Twitter social network that “you can apply for retirement within the 3 months before and after cessation of work” and that this will mean that the effects of retirement will be “from the next day to cessation”. This means that, if it is done within that period, you will be entitled to the pension generated from the first day of cessation of work to retire.

If it takes longer, you have to consider what the delay has been in requesting the pension. The Social Security explains that for the cases in which the pension is requested outside of that previously explained period “it will be accrued with a maximum retroactivity of 3 months from the date of presentation of the request”. That is, only three months are recovered, the rest would be lost.

Things change for workers who access the retirement pension without being registered with Social Security. In those cases, the effects of the pension will only be from the day on which retirement is requested. No prior deadlines are contemplated and if retirement is not requested before, the amounts in arrears of the pension will not be received.

These parameters do not only apply to voluntary retirement, they are also applicable to early retirement modalities such as voluntary (which allows it to be done up to two years in advance) and involuntary retirement or derived from an involuntary cessation of work (which allows it to be done up to four years in advance.

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When does Social Security respond?

Once the retirement pension is requested, it is the turn of the Social Security, which has to study the application and all the documentation that the worker attaches and that varies depending on the type of retirement in question. The agency is required by law to respond within a specified period of time.

Social Security has a period of 90 business days to respond to applications for retirement pensions. It is a significantly shorter time (more complicated in its granting due to the greater number of variables to take into account), which is up to 135 business days.

However, the body has a well-oiled machinery, given the large number of retirement pensions that are granted and paid (currently more than 6.2 million benefits of this type are paid). In fact, , the latest available, speak of a very short period: 16.67 days on average.

Throughout 2021 the time is somewhat longer, but short in any case, Social Security takes 19.97 days to grant (or not) a permanent disability pension. In practice, in less than a month the worker knows if he is entitled to receive a pension and the amount of the benefit that remains.

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