This is the SEPE method to collect all unemployment at once and become autonomous

When a person is entitled to collect unemployment, the contributory unemployment benefit, they traditionally receive it on a monthly basis. However, there is the possibility of obtaining all the benefit money in a single payment as long as those resources are used to create a business.

It is what the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) calls a single unemployment payment or capitalization of unemployment. The agency has recalled that citizens who collect unemployment can request this single payment if they are thinking of forming their own company and starting their journey as self-employed workers, that is, self-employed.

the SEPE explains that the single payment “is a measure to promote and facilitate self-employment initiatives”, provided that the people who receive unemployment decide:

-Develop an activity as self-employed workers. TRADE, economically dependent self-employed workers, do not fall into these assumptions.

-Form a cooperative or work company or join as a stable worker partner in one of them already constituted.

-Make a contribution to the share capital of a newly created commercial entity or created in the last year provided that there is effective control of said entity, a professional activity is to be carried out within it and the worker is registered in the scheme corresponding to Social Security.

Once the single payment is received, the citizen has a period of one month to be able to start the activity that they have chosen and that justifies this payment from the SEPE. In order to get this single payment, however, you also have to meet more requirements and conditions:

-Have pending collection of at least three monthly payments of unemployment, six if it is the case of people with cessation of activity.

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-Not having collected the single payment in the last four years.

-Not having reconciled the collection of unemployment with the start of a self-employed activity in the last 24 months in the case of self-employed workers or self-employed workers who are members of a commercial company.

-Overcome the trial period if necessary in the case of admission to a cooperative.

In addition, the person who decides to start an activity on their own has the option of reconciling the collection of unemployment (if they have the right to receive it) while they start that activity and become self-employed.

This is how unemployment is charged while you work as a freelancer

, you can reconcile the payment of unemployment for 270 days (or the shorter time that remains to be received) provided that you request it within 15 days immediately after the start of the activity. This applies to self-employed workers and to members of newly created labor companies or worker members of newly created associated work cooperatives.

Starting an activity as an employee, whether part-time or full-time, will put an end to this compatibility. There are also other cases in which this compatibility cannot be used:

-If they start the activity without registering in the corresponding Social Security scheme.

-If they start the activity in a cooperative of associated work or already existing labor company.

-If they are incorporated as partners of a commercial company.

-If your last job was self-employed.

-If they accepted this compatibility in the last 24 months.

-If they took advantage of the single payment or unemployment capitalization in the last 24 months.

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-If they start their activity on their own account and sign a contract with their previous employer as an employee.

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