This is the time that Social Security takes to grant a permanent disability

One of the moments in which citizens must have the most patience is when carrying out procedures with the State. This applies especially to situations such as that of workers who are waiting for the opinion of Social Security regarding their request for permanent disability (and their corresponding pension).

The truth is that citizens who are waiting for this decision can face a period of time interspersed with different procedures that often test the patience of these applicants. But what they should know is that these deadlines and these procedures are carried out in accordance with the law.

The maximum term that Social Security has to communicate a resolution and decide whether or not to grant permanent disability to the citizen (and its degree) is 135 working days, discounting both weekends and holidays.

In all that time, the citizen will have faced various steps. The first of these, logically, is the request for a permanent disability pension. This can be done by requesting an appointment at a Social Security office or, from home, .

As reported by , it will be essential for the aspiring pensioner to accumulate all the most up-to-date information on his or her state of health: medical reports, studies… and any data or document that may be required by both Social Security and the the medical tribunal.

This is precisely the next step. With the application already sent, you will be summoned in most cases to a medical court. It is one of the most delicate steps, but before which the citizen must remain cool-headed, complying with all the requests that can be made and to know what that tribune needs to know and what should be the best attitude in that part of the process.

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The court wants to know how the worker’s illness affects his daily life and if it affects his day-to-day routines, so the citizen should not be surprised or react negatively to hypothetical requests to perform movements, exercises, maneuvers… .

After the citizen passes through the medical court, it will design a proposal for permanent disability. Despite what is commonly believed, it is Social Security that must accept or deny permanent disability. It will do so after studying, in addition to the report, both the applicant’s working life and contribution. With all this, you will know if he is entitled to a pension or not and, if so, to what kind of degree of disability.

Even if Social Security accepts the pension, this decision must be confirmed in a final resolution that must be sent to the citizen’s address, who may previously receive a notice to their phone or email notifying them that the pension application of permanent disability has been accepted.

If, on the contrary, this request is denied, the citizen has the option of claiming the decision of Social Security.

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