This is the vintage Lidl coffee maker that transports you directly to the 50s: features and price

In one of its latest bids to gain more market share, Lidl has decided to look towards vintage products that are reminiscent of black and white times. In this case with , the German chain is creating a trend in the market thanks to its retro look but with full 2021 features and a price that leaves the coffee maker with up to a 14% discount.

As in the 50s, this is how Lidl has decided that it wants to serve coffee to its best customers thanks to DeLonghi. A vintage coffee maker, the Icona model, which, far from working with modern capsules, has a traditional pump within 21st century technology that allows an auto-off function.

Able to guarantee a perfect Italian espresso, the Icona coffee maker has one and two cup filters with removable parts to clean even the smallest coffee residue. In addition, its easy-clean filter helps in this task against ground coffee and pods that remain.

In addition, the water tank is transparent which, together with the glossy finish, gives it the much-demanded retro touch. A coffee maker that can be found in both beige and green, with dimensions of 32 x 26 x 28 centimeters to store in any corner of the kitchen.

Price and how to buy it

Only , its demand is so high that the supermarkets themselves are already warning that their stock may run out in the next few days, or hours. And it is that its good characteristics are added to the fact that the German chain is selling it with a 14% discount on its previous price.

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For 119 euros, anyone who loves traditional coffee can enjoy this DeLonghi Icona Vintage, which comes out for 164 euros. In addition, it is not available on other platforms such as Amazon, which makes it an exclusive Lidl offer.

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