This is the weather for Easter 2022: rainy between Sunday and Holy Thursday

There is one day left before, unofficially, the Easter holidays begin for many Spaniards. On these dates, always associated with cold and rain, attention is focused on the weather forecasts, especially in the face of what may happen during next week’s holidays.

In the absence of days to confirm the forecasts, little by little the doubts are being clarified. It seems that the good weather that began to arrive yesterday will remain in almost the entire country until Monday, leaving a Palm Sunday free of precipitation.

Also, everything seems to indicate that at the beginning of next week the rains will return accompanied by storms and a drop in temperatures, but that they will leave just for the arrival of Good Thursday and Good Friday, so that on important days we could enjoy of a nice time.

Friday April 8

The good weather leaves us in the northwest of the peninsula with the arrival of an Atlantic front that will leave cloudy or covered skies in Galicia and the Bay of Biscay, according to data from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

Thus, the clouds will leave rains in the west of Galicia and will enter with little intensity towards inland areas, with a tendency to subside throughout the day.

Forecast for the morning of Friday, April 8. / AEMET

Daytime temperatures both on the Mediterranean coast and in the Canary Islands will rise, while in the center and in the north they will drop. The night ones, on the other hand, will be on the rise in most of the country, with frosts only in high mountain areas.

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Saturday April 9

Except in the southeastern third of the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, where it will be slightly cloudy or with cloudy intervals, cloudy or overcast skies are expected in the rest of the Peninsula at dawn, with the possibility of some weak precipitation.

Rains will be more likely in the eastern Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees, tending to reduce cloudiness throughout the day and reduce precipitation.

Forecast for the morning of Saturday, April 9. / AEMET

Daytime temperatures will rise in the northwest of the peninsula, Andalusia and the Canary Islands, while they will drop in the northeast third and the Balearic Islands, and without changes in the rest.

Palm Sunday (April 10)

Sunday improves the forecast. During the early morning, water will only fall occasionally in Castellón and inland areas of Valencia, and during the day in a weak and scattered way on the Atlantic coast of Galicia.

As for the rest, sunny skies are expected with medium and high clouds penetrating the northwest and spreading across the Peninsula. In the Canary Islands, the cloudiness will increase from the west, with the probability of precipitation at the end in the north of the islands with greater relief.

Maximum and minimum temperatures for Sunday, April 10. / AEMET

Temperatures will increase in much of the Peninsula, pronounced in the north and inland, decreasing in the eastern Mediterranean area. The maximum will occur in the interior, in areas such as Toledo (25) or Badajoz (26), and in the south, with Córdoba reaching 27 degrees.

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Monday April 11

As of this day, the reliability of the forecasts decreases, so we will have to wait until tomorrow to be more certain. However, with the available data, the AEMET considers it “very likely” that a front will slowly sweep the Peninsula and Alborán from west to east, leaving cloudy or overcast skies in its wake and widespread rainfall, which will be more intense in areas of the western third of the peninsula.

Forecast for the morning of Monday, April 11. / AEMET

In the same way, he points out that they are unlikely on the eastern side of the Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands. Temperatures will drop across the board with the arrival of the front.

Tuesday April 12

The trend that began on Monday will continue throughout Tuesday, as the front will continue its course across the country from west to east. With it, the rains will also spread, although they will be less intense as the day progresses. Also, there will be a slight drop in temperatures.

Forecast for Tuesday, April 12. / AEMET

Wednesday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday

After the front has passed, a northern component flow will leave rainfall on Wednesday in the northern third and the Balearic Islands, without ruling out other areas. As for the rest of the days, “there is a certain tendency towards stability, with a predominance of slightly cloudy skies, but without ruling out rainfall in the extreme north of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands,” says AEMET.

Forecast for Wednesday, April 13. / AEMET

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Temperatures, for their part, will tend to recover after the front, increasing throughout the country. Meanwhile, in the Canary Islands, the trade wind regime is probable, with the possibility of precipitation only in the north of the islands with the greatest relief.

Beyond that, what can happen is still unknown. In this sense, Mario Picazo, meteorologist at, cautiously predicts that we could have good weather. “It seems that between Holy Thursday and Sunday we could have an anticyclone back to further stabilize the weather,” he says.

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