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Instagram Reels and are currently in a battle for popularity around the personalized videos.

A few years ago we saw how Instagram advanced dirty on the left to Snapchat, when he saw that the popularity of his rival was increasing, creating and including in his Stories filters very similar to those of this other social network.

As we know, the social network that is now looking to tickle Instagram is , so it strikes back again with the launch of .

Taking advantage of this launch, we bring you the main differences between Instagram Reels and TikTok, their similarities, advantages and disadvantages of one or the other. Let’s start!

Differences and similarities between Instagram Reels and TikTok

It is presented as “a new way to create and discover short and entertaining videos on Instagram». Among its functionalities we find:

  1. Is a tool integrated within Instagram.
  2. you can create videos up to 15 seconds with effects and filters.
  3. The filters and effects that you can use in Reels are the ones you have saved in Instagram Stories.
  4. The music that you can include is the one that exists in the instagram music catalog. You can too use your own original audio and when you share it, others will be able to use it by selecting “Use audio” from your reel.
  5. You may download the video without no watermark but will not include the music that you have selected.
  6. Contains a alignment tool very useful with which you can align the objects of a previous clip before recording the next one. Very useful to add changes of clothes or friends to your Reel.
  7. You may speed up or slow down of a video, add music, effects such as those of augmented reality that were already presented for stories, text and a timer.
  8. You may post the video to stories, feed or send it to a friend via direct message.
  9. you can add for the cover of your Reel a frame of the video itself or upload an image of your gallery, in this way the cover will follow the line of the rest of your publications.
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  1. Is a independent social network.
  2. you can create videos from 15 to 60 seconds.
  3. Have more variety of filters and effects, you can also select which side of your video you want it to appear on.
  4. Contains more variety of musicyou can also select the audio of some TikTok that you liked and include it in your video.
  5. You may download video and audio with watermark from TikTok and the user who created it.
  6. It doesn’t have the Reel Alignment tool, but when it comes to video editing, TikTok has one. wide variety of transitions so that your publications have a better finish.
  7. In terms of editing, both platforms are practically the same: you can cut, edit speed and add effects in each part of the video, etc.
  8. The videos will be published in the feed of the social network.
  9. For the front page of your TikTok you can select a video fragment.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram Reels versus TikTok

One of the main advantages that we see in Instagram Reels is the fact that it is one of the tools that Instagram offers you and not a new application. This makes the service automatically available to a much larger volume of users: everyone who already has Instagram installed.

Instagram enable a new section in your feed to store your Reels and offers the possibility of deactivating them, in a rather gimmicky way, if you don’t like this type of content. To deactivate Instagram Reels you will have to uninstall the app and install it again in .

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Despite this, since the incorporation of this tool on Instagram is recent, there are still nuances that need to be improved, but we have no doubt that they will do so soon.

In conclusion, for now TikTok is ahead in terms of features: longer videos, more effects, more transitions… It’s normal, since it takes more time and is specialized exclusively in this. Instagram lags somewhat behind in performance. Its great advantage is that it integrates the full experience for the user, to be able to have the photos, the ephemeral stories and now the creative videos in a single app. We will have to see if Instagram soon improves its features to match TikTok and above all what users do: if those who are already on TikTok “come back” to Instagram and, above all, if those who had not yet fallen on TikTok settle for Instagram Reels or search TikTok for the “original experience”.

What do you think will happen?

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