Top ten: the most expensive engagement rings in the world

It can be a mere accessory to decorate the fingers and be fashionable, but as soon as the word ‘marriage’ appears, it acquires a much more important value that entails a great decision when choosing it. That is why, when a man prepares to ask the big question, all the emotion and feelings are reflected in that special jewel.

Now things are changing, many times she is the one who takes the big step or instead of a ring she asks in style with an unforgettable party. Be that as it may, that significant phase of the relationship deserves a good ring to commemorate a new life with your better half.

Traditionally the bigger and brighter it was, the better. But like everything else, engagement rings are also evolving. If we go through a jewelry store we can find the mythical gold and silver, but there are other options. And the same goes for the type of stone; Although the diamond is elegant and ideal, some prefer an emerald, sapphire or ruby ​​to give another more original touch to the alliance.

But either way, its price will be high. These are ten of the most expensive engagement rings of all time.

Princess Diana: $317,200

When Prince Charles presented Diana with this spectacular ring, it took everyone’s breath away. And it is not for less: it was a beautiful sapphire stone surrounded by small white diamonds. This 18-carat piece of jewelery is still just as impressive, only now it’s on the finger of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who wears it like a true family heirloom.

Image: The Richest

Anna Kournikova: $2.5 million

After almost eight years of relationship, Enrique Iglesias asked the big question with a ring that expected a tremendous ‘yes’. Delicate and subtle, the tennis player’s pink diamond is adorned with two small white gems on either side that make it a highly original piece. With a somewhat exorbitant price for most mortals, Kournikova could not resist.

Image: The Richest

Catherine Zeta-Jones: $2.5 million

Michael Douglas combined tradition and uniqueness in his choice, featuring a ten-carat marquise-cut diamond with small gemstones surrounding it. This peculiar jewel of great character is ideal for a strong woman like Catherine and at the same time delicate with a touch of classic times.

Image: The Richest

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: $2.6 million

Known as the wife of John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline was previously married to Aristotle Onassis, the man behind a spectacular $2.6 million ring. The complex piece featured an emerald accompanied by diamonds of various shapes that created an irregular structure. She was also crowned with a gold band and the exquisite Lesotho III diamonds. However, poor Onassis could not wear it as she deserved, since he was locked in a vault where she never saw him again.

Image: The Richest

Melania Knauss Trump: three million dollars

One of the most powerful men in the world had to give away one of the most expensive engagement rings on the planet. Donald Trump presented his fiancée with a large emerald-cut diamond surrounded by a white gold band. Melania does not hesitate as soon as there is an opportunity to pose in front of the cameras and show off that valuable piece of which she is so proud.

Image: The Richest

Jennifer Lopez: four million dollars

The exotic singer, dancer and actress has been married several times, even Ben Affleck gave her a stunning pink diamond ring before they ended their relationship. But the one who really hit the nail on the head was Marc Anthony, who with surprisingly great taste in jewelry stunned Jennifer with an 8.5-carat wedding band made up of lots of tiny blue diamonds. Despite her divorce, the New Yorker continues to keep her wedding gift among one of the greatest relics in her collection.

Image: The Richest

Grace Kelly: $4.06 million

Grace Kelly had a beautiful childhood and grew up in a wealthy family where she lacked for nothing. The one who would be her future husband, Prince Rainier, had very high standards for her, so he got a prodigious piece with the same class that characterized the actress. The great diamond dazzled the Princess of Monaco until the end of her days in a terrible accident.

Image: The Richest

Paris Hilton: $4.7 million

The opulent pace of life of Paris Hilton could not miss a huge jewel to sign one of their commitments. The heir Paris Latsis ? curious coincidence – gave the multimillionaire a stone so big that it hurt, according to what he declared. The main diamond that formed the heart of the ring was further accompanied by two other baguette cut diamonds on each side with a white gold band surrounding them. Undoubtedly a very large piece even within the world in which these two young people moved. Following the split, Hilton auctioned off the ring to help everyone affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Image: The Richest

Beyonce: five million dollars

If you marry a millionaire rapper, do not doubt that he is going to give you a good jewel, and what better husband for that than someone who covers his entire body with diamonds and gold. In 2008 Jay-Z declared his love to Beyoncé with an 18-carat ring made up of a huge emerald-cut diamond. Although the singer does not wear it often, as soon as she puts it on her finger, the photographers do not hesitate to capture the beauty of this first-rate piece.

Image: The Richest

Elizabeth Taylor: $8.8 million

The actress was married several times but it was with Richard Burton that she got the most expensive engagement ring in the world. She even posed on several occasions before the media with this jewel of such caliber, because this totally pure diamond with a IIa certificate was an alliance of 33.19 carats. With the specialized cut of Royal Asscher high jewelery it is a showpiece of exceptional quality.

Image: The Richest

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