Tricks to personalize your iPhone like never before

Widgets are also protagonists now on our iPhone screen, because when it comes to customizing it, we will have the option to place a huge number of widgets on the screen that will allow us to see the time, the calendar or the remaining battery with a single glance.

Have it all on screen

If there is something that the iPhone gives us, it is comfort and feeling that the iPhone is more ours the more we configure it, so of course, one of the intentions is that everything we want, we can see it with a simple glance at our screen .

Concentration modes

If there is something that is going to allow us not only to personalize our iPhone in a truly ‘automatic’ way throughout the day, but it is also going to make it Let’s focus little by little on the different tasks that are given to us on a daily basis, it is best that we resort to modes of concentration. To configure them, we will simply have to go to the settings and the ‘Concentration Modes’ section.

Some They are already predetermined, as is the case of Rest or Driving, to eliminate distractions while driving, but you can set all the notifications you want to arrive, from the apps you want, as well as the people from whom you want to receive them. Likewise, if we wish, we will have the option of creating one from scratch with the configuration and name we want.

Also with the arrival of iOS 16, along with the blocking funds that we have specified above, has arrived the possibility of establishing the concentration modes so that they go paired to a lock and home screen specifically, so this will give us great customization possibilities.

The Control Center is your ally

If there is something that we have to learn to use as soon as possible with our iPhone, it is the control center, which, as its name indicates, will help us control our mobile phone and its functionalities more easily. This will be a way to put different shortcuts to the tools of our iPhone such as screen recording, camera or even Remote TV in case you have Apple TV.

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If you want to add these features, you simply have to go to your iPhone settings and select ‘Control center’. Once there you will see a huge number of tools that you can select or delete so that they are available on your phone as shortcuts.

Now, to see them, you will simply have to swipe from the top right of your iPhone down, to see how all those options that you have previously selected are revealed before you.

Add and modify widgets

Beyond the options we can have with widgets on the lock screen, as we have seen previously, we can also use them on our main screen, where we can place a greater number of widgets, as many as we want. To do this, we will have to open the screen customization tab and click on the ‘+’ that will appear at the top left, where we can check each and every one of the widgets available to use.

When placing this type of widgets we can choose both the app in question and the different sizes in which we want to put it throughout our screen. In this way, we can Easily choose and distribute your chosen widgets. This is something that we can also do when assigning apps and widgets to our lock screen.

Get the most out of it with Live Activities

If there is something that the latest Apple updates have brought with them, it is the possibility of carrying out Live Activities, tools that help us have several of the applications and activities that we are running in the background with them, directly on our screen. , without having to access to them. Above all, this will give us extra comfort when using the phone. In this case, to activate these live activities, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the tab Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Go into ‘Face ID and code by previously entering your unlock code
  3. Go through the menu by scrolling down and activate the ‘Live activities‘.
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Once this activation has been carried out, you will see how, for example, our orders begin to appear on the screen or the taxis that we have ordered through Uber. It should be noted that this is not present in all apps, but this may or may not be based on what the developers decide and implement within their apps. In this way, the ideal is that you update each and every one of the apps on your phone in order to be able to carry out these Live Activities in the apps that really can be there.

Choose the sound and vibrations of your iPhone

Very few people know this, to the point that the sound of our ringtone or messages when many arrive can even be annoying, so it never hurts to know how to change it so as not to get fed up with it.

To do this, of course, we will have to go to the settings of our iPhone and specifically to the ‘Sound’ section. Once we open this menu, we will see how an enormous number of possibilities appear before us with which we can customize numerous parts of the sound of our iPhone. When it comes to setting the new ringtone, we can choose one of the default ones or even choose one of the ones we have in our library.

Make an emoji of yourself

If there is something that everyone likes, it is to see themselves reflected, so the iPhone gives us a possibility that has later been replicated through numerous apps and tools and which is none other than the possibility of creating your own emoji through Apple Memoji. A process that is both fun and intuitive that allows us, through a photo or our own settings, to create a replica of ourselves that will later become different emoticons.

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To create it we must go to the messages app and once we want to write a message, click on it icon that includes the face in a box in order to start creating said Memoji. Once we have generated it, we can use it both in the messaging app itself and when it comes to send some emoji on WhatsApp. Numerous emoji options with different poses and emotions will automatically appear.

Make use of customization apps

If there is something that Apple may have to look at and improve, it is the level of customization that it allows us to have on our iPhone, which despite having recently opened the ban with the latest version of iOS 16, still seems insufficient for everything we we could expect from a mobile phone of this size. So that we do not lack anything on our mobile in terms of personalization, there is nothing like make use of a personalization app Help us.

In this sense, within the App Store we can find numerous options with which we can take the personalization of our mobile much further to the point of create our own widgets. One of the apps that perform best in the field of widgets is Widgetsmith, with the aim of being able to carry out greater customization and with the intention of making your mobile phone much more yours. In this case you have to understand well everything that this app offers you in order to be able to get the most out of it later.

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