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First of all, it is important to know what it is and how it works in photography. the wide angle. These are lenses where the space (focal length) between the center of the lens and the focus is less than that of a normal lens. This space is measured in mm, where the wide angle lens has between 12mm and 24mm focal length, compared to a normal lens with 50mm.

That is, we are talking about a aim that has a viewing angle greater than human and with which you can have a wider field of vision. Surely you have seen the wide angle in countless creative projects where panoramic views stand out.

What is the wide angle for on a mobile phone?

Now that you know what a wide angle is, it’s time to know what it is for in mobile photography.

Manufacturers are incorporating more and more features into the cameras of devices to enter the photographic world, such as various lenses for taking photographs and videos.

One of the lenses that we see lately in mobile cameras is the wide angle, which is already present in many phones such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro or LG G8 ThinQ, making an essential accessory that until now was not.

In your mobile phone you can not only have a wide-angle lens integrated, but you can have an infinite number of them, such as: the ultra-wide angle, with the focal length being less than 24mm.

have a lens wide angle on your mobile phone will help you get a greater depth of field. This means that, if you want the entire scene to appear in the photograph when it is very wide, you can achieve it. A very clear example where you probably want to capture the entire field of view is in landscapes.

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Thus, a wide angle lens will have a short focal length, always less than a normal objective. A high angle of view with which you can photograph a field of vision greater than that of your eye and which will cause distortion at the edges of the image, due to the relative distance to the objects that will differ slightly from the appearance it would have with a normal focal length .

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