What products does it offer and where does Mere, the cheapest Russian supermarket in Spain, have its stores

In years where it is increasingly common to shop online and without leaving home, the chain has brought back the spirit of these establishments in the 80s. For a few months now, this company of Russian origin stands out for offering ” the best prices every day.

A Russian chain to deal with the establishments already positioned in Spain during long years of constant battle to have the largest number of customers possible. This is how Mere has arrived with the aim of offering products between 10 and 20% cheaper than those of the competition.

Strategy carried out under the so-called ‘no-frills’ idea. A “no frills” throughout the establishment that leaves the products without shelves or stands on which to stand, they appear in pallets or boxes, and with a very tight number of workers in the aisles. That is to say, the detachment for operating expenses and employees that goes against the current of the new fashions in supermarkets.

These are their first products

In this way, Mere has also opted during its first days of life in Spain to offer the simplest products. , the Russian chain does not yet have milk, bread or fresh products. Nor with refrigerators, so all the items that must be kept cold are in a refrigerated space where the customer enters and chooses what he wants.

Likewise, it is striking in the bazaar and drugstore space, which occupies most of its premises, that there are no white brands as in the competing companies or that there are articles with a Russian tone such as the caviar substitute. That the doors are not automatic, the price of Coca-Cola (47 cents a can) or that the only beer there is is Cruzcampo are the other characteristic touches of this chain with an old-fashioned tone but determined to stay in the 21st century.

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where are your premises

Despite the fact that “the territory of Catalonia was chosen for the start of the expansion of the chain”, its first three centers have been opened outside this autonomous community. The Valencian Community, with two plus an upcoming third, and the Madrid Community, with a local, have been their first landings.

In this way, and at the expense of future movements, at the moment Mere supermarkets can only be found in Parla (Madrid), on Avenida de Ronda 12G, in Aldaia (Valencia), on Calle Solidaritat 40, in Gandía, on Avenida del Pais Valencia 38, and soon in La Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia), in the Plaza del Polígono N-40. R, 13.

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