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WhatsApp is known as an instant messaging application, but More and more companies are using the WhatsApp Business business version. The latter is a version where you can adapt automatic replies, but you need WhatsApp’s own business platform to use it.

Now, WhatsApp has announced a new which has opened free for all companies in the world, regardless of their size or country of origin.

This has been made known by the company in the , where he explains what they have given “An important step towards achieving WhatsApp is available for companies of any size and country, thanks to Meta’s free and secure cloud hosting services.”

The accessible WhatsApp API for small businesses

The first thing to note is that the WhatsApp API is not really new, it has been around for several years now. However, previously it was mainly intended for medium and large companies, while small businesses could not take full advantage of it because it was difficult for them to access.

Now, the company has expanded the use with this new API in the cloud to that small businesses and developers can access the easily. As WhatsApp has stated, this API in the cloud will be able to drastically reduce the time it takes for small businesses and startups to access it. In addition, they announce that the server expenses for the partners of this API will be eliminated, so they will have instant access to new functions completely free.

The company that wants to access this new API in the cloud has two options: you can choose between, register and do the whole process on your own or contact a WhatsApp provider that will help you in the process.

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A very important point is that WhatsApp has stated that its efforts to help companies do not change the value they give to conversations between companies and customers, so users will be able to control which companies they want to start chatting with, so that companies can send messages only to users who have requested to be contacted.

Other projects to integrate in the WhatsApp Business application

In the published statement, WhatsApp refers to the fact that it is working on other advanced and paid features to integrate into the WhatsApp Business application, with which it intends that companies can attract more customers, increase their reach and consolidate their presence on the internet.

These upcoming features include a tool to manage chats linking up to 10 devices, which could be very useful for managing messages. Likewise, they plan to include new personalized links that redirect to a new WhatsApp chat.


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