Who is the best Spanish goalkeeper of all time?

Debates about who is the best player in a Spanish soccer game always lean towards offensive players, but what about goalkeepers? Goalkeepers stand out more and more, the odds and favoritism of a team can change depending on the starting goalkeeper.

Currently, you can see young players in the Spanish national football team who constantly rotate in the squad. For some years now, there has not been a goalkeeper who has established himself like other great goalkeepers in Spanish football did.

Which goalkeeper has been most successful in the Spain national football team matches?

Standing out in the Spanish soccer team are forward players like Di Stefano and Raul, midfielders like Xavi or Iniesta, and even defenders like Fernando Hierro or Sergio Ramos. However, a goalkeeper is rarely named, despite the fact that there are many who have made history at a national and international level.

To choose the best goalkeeper in Spain, it is important to know the achievements of each goalkeeper who has left their mark on the national team and their respective club. The following are the most notable in the more than 100 years of history of La Roja:

Ricardo Zamora

His career was something special as he played soccer at an amateur level just for entertainment. His skill in intercepting balls and his reflexes in stopping strong shots led him to become a professional in a Spanish soccer match.

Many could say that Zamora was a traitor during his career since he changed teams on several occasions, something common in the career of a footballer, however the teams he was part of were Espanyol, then Barcelona and finally Real Madrid. Although they are currently eternal rivals, at that time there was no such rivalry as now.

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Zora was in the Spanish national football team matches, where his greatest achievement was a silver medal in the 1920 Olympic Games. At the club level he won 2 leagues and 5 cups distributed among the 3 clubs he represented. It should be noted that the goalkeeper with the fewest goals each year in Spanish football receives the , in honor of this legend.

Andoni Zubizarreta

He is one of the Spanish goalkeepers with the best record, he won several leagues, some King’s Cups and the first European Cup but Barcelona. The talented former player played in four teams in the Spanish League and can feel proud of having won everything at the club level.

So far his visa is rolling and he is the player with the most appearances in the Spanish league and it is possible that he will continue to do so for at least a decade. And currently no active player in the Spanish league is even in the top 10 of the players with the most appearances in soccer matches in Spain. The IFFHS considered him the best goalkeeper in the world for more than a decade.

Iker Casillas

Everyone regrets that Iker Casillas has ended his career due to health problems. And more than one Madrid fan will still be upset with the white club for having gotten rid of this Spanish legend, who gave glorious moments to the merengue team.

5 leagues and 2 champions leagues are some of the many titles achieved by Real Madrid with Casillas as the starting goalkeeper. He also had a short successful period at Porto where he won two Portuguese league titles before retiring due to heart problems.

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Without a doubt, the reasons why most people believe that Iker Casillas is the best Spanish goalkeeper of all time will be his successful time with the Spanish team. There he was part of the team that won two European Cups and the highly prized World Cup, of which he was the protagonist in the final.

Other great goalkeepers in the Spanish national football team matches

Although there are only 3 players on the above list of the best goalkeeper in Spain, there are many goalkeepers who have made history. It is worth taking them into account in the list of the best Spanish goalkeepers, they are:

  • Santiago Canizares
  • Luis Arconada
  • José Ángel Iribar
  • Antoni Ramallets
  • Victor Valdes

Favorite goalkeepers for the Spanish national soccer team

Iker Casillas will always be the favorite of the majority of Spaniards, since many will remember how he won several heads-up against Arjen Robben in the 2010 World Cup final. Many had bet that the Dutchman would not fail, but if it had not been for Iker, today it would be the Netherlands who would have a star on their chest.

The other goalkeepers also have a great influence on the recognition given to the Spanish soccer team as a soccer power.

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