Why does the cell phone volume go up and down on its own and how to fix it

If they are Bluetooth, we will have to change the audio codec. Although, we will only have this available on Android terminals. The first thing we will do is activate the development options by entering:

  1. Settings App
  2. About device or Phone information
  3. Build number and press seven times in a row
  4. Then, enter System
  5. Development options
  6. Bluetooth audio codec.

In this way, we can test the one that best suits our preferences, and checking at all times whether the mobile volume sounds bad or not. In addition, you should be careful that the phone’s volume is not lowered or raised by itself.

Yes with any headset The volume goes down and up as you please, or using the smartphone speakers the same thing happens, we will have to try other solutions like the ones shown below. To find the correct key, we must be very aware of the possibility that water has entered the mobile or that it has received a strong blow.

Possible hardware problems

As we have said, the causes of the volume changes randomly They can be due to many things. Starting with the failures that we have at our fingertips and do not require too much knowledge.

Problem with volume buttons

If the smartphone has suffered a blow and therefore has a life of its own, we will have the cause before us. You can tell this because when you squeeze them, sometimes it may seem like they are stuck and sometimes not. It could even be that something could be causing an internal short circuit and you wouldn’t even realize it.

You may want to replace the button pads, but you can also try rubbing a small gauze pad with very little alcohol on the buttons and then press them repeatedly, so that they are completely cleaned. Repeat this a couple of times and see if this behavior goes away. Although it may seem like a complicated job, alcohol can make the contact recover and then evaporate easily.

If necessary, do not forget to use toothbrushes or toothpicks with which to remove dirt from the most remote places of the mobile phone.

If the problem does not disappear but you think that the problem lies in the buttons of our mobile phone, which They are stuck or we cannot tighten them completely fine, so the only thing left before us is to take our mobile phone to technical service so they can check the problem and find the correct solution to get it working again.

The case presses the buttons

Sometimes the failure that our mobile phone is experiencing is the one we least expect, so we will have to check absolutely all the options we have in our hands, even the most ‘silly’ ones that come to mind. For this reason, one of the options that, even though it seems useless, is our case and it may be the case that our case is pressing the buttons of our mobile phone and is what is causing it to go up and down.

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This may be due to the fact that it is poorly adjusted, that it could have some type of body or dirt that would cause it to go up and down, or even that it was not the right case for our mobile phone, so we will have to make sure in every moment that all of this is correct. In this way, if this is the problem, there will be different ways to fix it, although the first thing we should do is is to remove our cover so that it stops causing that problem. Once removed, if we see that it is not appropriate, the best thing we can do is change it for one that does adjust to what our phone dictates.

Clean the speakers

If there is something hindering the audio output, it may also usually be that the speaker has an obvious buildup of dirt that is preventing it from the sound of the smartphone is always the same. It is normal to carry the terminal in your pocket with a case and right in the speaker area is where the most dust accumulates.

There are apps that allow you to clean your phone’s speakers using sound vibrations. For example, the application that we show you uses sine wave sounds of predefined frequencies to eliminate water from the speaker and any other type of foreign elements that may affect the volume. The sound waves cause it to vibrate and shake the material stuck inside.

Likewise, it is recommended use a dry gauze over the speaker area, insert a small pin and try to drag the dirt, being careful not to scratch the area too much or even break it or use a compressed air spray at a very gentle speed to quickly remove dust from the area. These tricks should bring the audio level back to normal and stop it from doing crazy things.

Be careful where you put your cell phone

When it comes to storing our cell phone, whether in our house or in one of our clothes, we may have certain problems when storing it or even that it is not properly adjusted. in our pocket or in our bag by the amount of elements that may be around it ‘bothering’ it. And although it may seem like a somewhat remote issue, it may be the case that our wallet, keys or any other element is what is causing your mobile phone turn up or down the volume because it is this element that is pressing said buttons.

To prevent this from happening again, the only thing we will have to do is store our cell phone in a better way and if it could be isolated, it would be ideal; This way we will prevent can collide with other bodies and make these buttons move. If we continue to have this problem, perhaps we had put our focus in the wrong place, so we will have to continue looking for a solution.

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Do you have a wearable?

One of the possibilities that we may be having with our device and its volume is that it is being controlled in one way or another by the wearable that we have with us at that moment, so this may be what is causing the problem. And especially in the case of smart watches, they can easily control the music and sound in general that is playing on our mobile, so from any of the buttons on the watch, we are able to control the sound and lower and raise it depending on what we want at any given moment.

This is something that happens in smartwatch models, such as the Apple Watch, with which we can without any problem regulate the volume of our mobile phone by turning the digital crown, just as we can do with other smartwatches. In this way, in the event that let’s rub this volume control with something or we do it by putting our hand in our pocket, we may be facing the culprit that our volume is constantly changing, so if we have it, we suggest that you keep a close eye on this aspect.

Microphone problems

At this point, many users may think that what the hell does the microphone have to do with the device’s speakers and the reason is that this component of the phone can also make the volume of the device go up and down as it pleases.

The reality is very simple, more than it might seem at first. If your phone’s microphone is damaged or not working properly, your smartphone may automatically adjust the volume to try to compensate for the loss in sound quality. This can cause the volume to go up and down constantly thinking that it is the speakers that are not working, when this other component is to blame.

Needs a repair

If all other components are working properly, the problem may be caused by a problem with the phone’s motherboard. This is a more serious failure that may require a more advanced repair and, depending on whether the smartphone still has a warranty or not, save us more or less money.

Contact the manufacturer if it is still under warranty or take the smartphone to a technical support where they can detect the hardware error. They are the ones who will give us a final verdict on what is happening to the phone and will also explain the solution we need.

In case we doubt the origin of the error, in case it has nothing to do with the physical elements of the device, they can also help us with the non-tangible elements of our mobile phone. One way or another, it will be the solution we need for the crazy mobile volume be a thing of the past.

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Go to the technical service provided by the manufacturer or the one closest to your home as long as it is trustworthy. In the event that it is not covered by the warranty, think about whether or not it is worth checking out taking into account the state of the rest of the components of our mobile. A repair of this type might not cost much, about 60 euros, but if the failure affects several components, it may be worth it to buy a new terminal.

Fix software bugs

Sometimes you will find that you will not be able to do anything. There are times when a certain update damages the device, as was the case with some Pixel models. In 2017, hundreds of users were complaining that their phones were experiencing random sound rises and falls without anything being able to be done about it, since no solution repaired it.

Phone reset

The preferred solution for any computer scientist and also the one that works the most is the one that can free us from the error with mobile volume. When something goes wrong with an electronic device, be it a phone, a computer or a TV, what you should do is restart it.

This will eliminate possible failures inherited from operation that is too extended over time and will probably fix the problem we have at hand on our mobile phone. Something simple and very practical that requires nothing more than holding down the power button and tapping on the restart option. It is important to leave between 20 and 30 seconds to restart our mobile phone so that its power-on is as satisfactory as possible.

In this way, restarts of the mobile phone will not cause problems and all the processes on the device will also be restarted.

Set the sound equalizer

There are many smartphones that come with their own equalizer. This sound tool will depend on both the operating system and the customization layer of each manufacturer. However, most Android mobile devices have their own software to equalize your audio and thus get extra power if we need it. To find this feature, we must enter settings and use the quick search engine by entering Equalizer.

If you have an iPhone you will also have your own software, although it is somewhat weak. Basically, because it is integrated…

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