Why have my mobile widgets gone crazy?

In the event that one or more of the same app have disappeared, it is the most common and is usually linked to an error made by the programmers with the application. Sometimes you just need to pinch the screen or hold your finger on the home screen to reposition the widget in the desired space but other times this is not enough.

If after trying the first step we cannot access the widgets of a specific app, we will have to go to Google Play and update applications. Then we are going to restart the mobile and when we turn it on we will repeat the steps since just doing this will solve the problem. But, if this tool still does not appear, it is more than likely that the developer has deleted it from the app, so we can only try the same steps later.

Move the application to internal memory

However, if we wanted to save internal space on the smartphone and have chosen to move the app to the phone’s microSD card, this will be our main drawback. Basically, because having moved the app, the smartphone will have problems not only creating a widget, but also being able to continue using it. Although it will be easy to fix, we will only have to put the app back in the device’s storage. To do this, you will have to follow a series of steps from the Android device settings:

  • First of all, you will have to go to Settings.
  • Then, access the tab Applications.
  • Inside here, you must select the app you want to move Storage.
  • Then tap Change and select from SD card to Internal memory.
  • In this way, the data will appear again and, therefore, already we can see the widget.

Connection issues

Sometimes, when we talk about a problem with widgets, we usually go to the system of our mobile phone to possible problems within the screen, but sometimes we don’t know how to look beyond, so we will also have to take other variables into account. Among them there is one that is very common, which is connection, the fact that our mobile can’t access the network. And this, although it may seem that at first it is not very important, it is very important, since there are numerous widgets that will not work in the way expected if it is not with an internet connection as shown. deserves.

For some widgets, such as the location widget, it is absolutely essential to have an internet connection, since without it, it is impossible to connect correctly, so in this way, we will have to find the connection and hope that it works again once and for all. Therefore, if they are not working as they should, the best thing you can do is wait until you have a connection again and once you have it, check again if everything is going well with the widgets.

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Does not charge on the phone

Another problem and errors with widgets The most common causes that cause it not to appear as expected is due to a failure with this own software. This can appear in those that we already have placed and in those that we add new ones. The problem can cause this software to be displayed without information or in other cases make it disappear.

In these situations we will have to play on our own widget and sometimes it will take us to its complete configuration so that it can work. In other circumstances we have to access the software app to configure some pending step and until we do it, this tool will not work. Of course, we can resort to updating the app in question, which sometimes also solves this problem.

Restore the launcher

We will talk about the application launcher on your mobile in another of the solutions that we leave you in a few paragraphs, but here it is also important to realize that the widgets depend on the launcher to display normally on the phone’s home screen. If the launcher fails, it is very likely that the widgets will be the first software components to stop appearing on the smartphone panel.

It is likely that this problem, as well as others related to them, will be solved by changing the launcher of your operating system. However, it is a more complex process than desired and that is why we leave it for later. Here what we recommend is to restore it to see if you can use it normally again. It is done like this:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Select the Applications menu
  • At the top right, click on the icon with 3 dots to see all the applications
  • Now locate the launcher of your smartphone
  • Enter your storage menu
  • Click on Clear data and Clear cache

An update / deletion of the app

You would be surprised how many users complain that their mobile widgets have disappeared… because of them. Note that widgets are not standalone applications, but are part of a larger application. For example, the weather widget is usually associated with a weather app that you have installed on your phone. If you delete the app, you also delete the widget.

The same thing happens if you update. Sometimes, when a new version of an app is installed, it restarts, deleting the widgets you have installed on your computer. Luckily, fixing it is as simple as reinstall it manually as you did in your day.

It is impossible to add them on Android

For all those cases in which we can add them to the home screen, we have to check that we do not have the design blocked, something common in customization layers and prominently in Xiaomi, thus preventing the icons from changing position or that are disordered without prior notice. We will only have to avoid these restrictions for a few seconds to be able to place our widget where we want and later we can lock it again. This will be done as follows:

  • We pinch the screen of the smartphone.
  • We choose the option of Settings.
  • Inside we have to uncheck the option ‘Lock Home Screen Layout‘.
  • Now we go back and in Widgets We choose and place the one we want.
  • So that the position of this tool or the icons is not changed, we lock the design again with these steps.
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Change the smartphone launcher

In other cases, many users have verified that the default launcher of their phones was the one that prevented them from adding or using widgets on their Android smartphones. We have seen before that clearing your data and cache can solve many of your problems, but this may not be the case. For this reason, it is a good idea to test if with another app that is responsible for this function of our mobile we can make it work normally again. At least until the manufacturer releases an update that puts an end to this error. These are the most recommended launchers that you can find on Google Play.

To change it, the steps are somewhat more complex than to delete your data, but they are still simple and fast so it will only take us a few seconds. The most ‘complicated’ will be choose the launcher that best suits our tastes, which is why we wanted to leave you with two fairly well-known options. Once we have installed one of the many options that we can find in the Android application store on the Android device, you must follow these steps:

  • First, we will have to access the app Settings.
  • We touch on the section Applications.
  • We click on the option Default apps.
  • Within this section, you will tap on the option Starter application.
  • Finally, it will be time to select the new launcher that you just downloaded to replace the launcher that comes by default. When you have changed it, we will only have test if widgets work well on mobile.

The mistake with size

If in our case the problem is due to size of a widget, will cause us to not be able to add it to the home screen and this message ‘There is no space left on the home screen’ will appear. This is very easy to solve, we will only have to create a new tab at home, something that is done when trying to add a new one to the mobile desktop panel. Therefore, we will drag it to the right side of the screen, this will make a new tab appear.

If you want to place the widget next to another and without adding new windows, we can also adapt the size of some of these elementsand although not all of them are compatible, but, on the other hand, in some if we hold it down once added, we can resize it so that it takes up less or more space.

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What if all the above fails?

When we have done all the previous methods to try to end widget problems on Android without any success, we have to get to work and elevate the steps we develop. Luckily, the solutions are not over, so we should not worry if the previous options have not solved the problem with these Android software tools. Although, first of all, it is important that we have done everything we have excited about and so that you can verify that you have skipped any process, we mention them here:

  • Update the app in which this home panel tool is failing.
  • Restart the mobile.
  • Configure the widget from the app.
  • Add a new home tab.
  • Resize the size of these elements.
  • Check that the screen is not locked.

Restart the Widget app

The next process after having checked all this is to return the app that is giving us errors to its original state, which consists of deleting its internal cache memory. This will not affect the phone’s memory, but it may close the session or cause us to have to configure the app again. The steps to follow are these:

  • We enter the settings of Android.
  • We access the Applications.
  • We click on the apps widgets that have errors on Android.
  • We enter the section Storage.
  • We choose to clear cache and then also delete the data.
  • We exit and go back to the app to configure it.

Once we have done all these steps, we will only have try to place the widget again and it should work without any problem. Basically, with these steps that we have given you, we will be able to completely reset the app that does not allow us to place a widget on the home screen of the Android phone. But, in case we continue with the problem, as we mentioned before, it could be a problem of the developer who is having errors with his own software, so we can report it in the comments of Google Play so that they can try to solve it with an update.

Install an older version of the app

Every year, a new version arrives Android, with many improvements and additional features. To take advantage of these improvements, the developers continue to update…

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