Wild City: how a menswear brand succeeds

Franco Pagliotto and Alejandro Duro are the founders of a men’s clothing brand with a different style that is committed to creating a digital community around its customers.

In this video they tell you their perspectives on the world of men’s fashionhow they managed to define the profile of their audience to attract and retain them through social media strategies, and much more!


My name is Franco Pagliotto, I’m 25 years old and I’m a co-founder of Salvaje City.

Salvaje City was born in 2015, with my partner and best friend, we had an apartment that we shared, we really wanted to do something new and fresh and we started a stamping course.

We started doing fairs with t-shirts that we made with my partner, which grew more and more, new people started to go. Since it was getting very big, we decided to make it more professional and we rented a showroom.
I found Tiendanube by googling a bit. I saw that it was super simple, that there was a 15-day trial, that in any case, nothing happened.

We didn’t have the time or money for a programmer, or to understand how a cart worked. The truth is that logistics and attention, whenever we had a problem or there was something we did not understand, was solved with a simple email.

We stopped making these orders through WhatsApp and through social networks that perhaps took three days to sell a shirt and now we sell even when we are asleep.

We create our own image. We were giving the client what we wanted. We looked at how he took certain things that we were creating and according to that we changed. The process was: show, modify, improve.

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It was very difficult for us to define the customer target because you always want to sell to everyone, you want your target to be from 0 to 99 years old.

But it is much better to always talk to a particular person, that person always responds much better to any stimulus you give them, they feel much more identified, they are much more loyal customers.

So, we already know how to talk to them, what to tell them, what series they like, what activities they do. It is good to discover more and more, to see how to improve according to how they receive the content that we are uploading.

It is a challenge to tell a man that it is important to dress well, to be fashionable, to follow trends. More than anything, it has to be accompanied by something else. You have to build loyalty with the brand.

Always what defined us from the beginning, and what made us grow, was doing something different. We don’t make the typical classic garment for men: we don’t make the straight jean, the basic t-shirt. The differential is to find a return to the garment.

The marketing strategy that we started to use and that is our main source of customer income is social networks. Our clients are millennials, they are very young and they are 100% on social networks and more than anything on Instagram.

And then we accompany with branding to build customer loyalty. Once it enters for the garments, we try to make it stay for something else. We offer you content other than buying clothes, and we try to build a community. That is what we are looking for this year. For example, we have a playlist on Spotify and the idea is that on a Friday night, even if you don’t have anything from Salvaje City, put on that playlist and be part of that community.

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We are going to move from working with influencers to working with micro influencers. This is a new trend of working with people with fewer followers, but who reach their audience more because they have more confidence with their circle of followers and can generate more impact when they recommend a brand.

The advice I give to other people who have a fashion ecommerce is to advertise on social networks and look for traffic.

Just as opening a showroom was a challenge because it is not a place on the street and we had to let people know that we have this showroom, show them photos, etc. They have to do the same with an online store, they have to bring traffic.

Enlarging the channels through which you reach the customer is an incredible strategy for a startup, it can make you grow a lot in terms of billing, reach and positioning.

Everything is the customer. You have to bring it to the customer. If you want to buy online you have to find a way to sell online.

Go ahead, set up an online store: search, assemble, disassemble, explore, it’s great.

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