WordPress admin customization course #1. Login – .com

In this first class of the WordPress Admin Customization course we will learn how to customize the login page or access to this CMS.

The WordPress login is a mandatory page if we want to access the administration area of ​​our website. Despite being very simple, it contains some elements that we can modify.

The most visible is the WordPress logo. It is possible that at any given time you want to change it for your branding or that of your client. We can also change both the logo link and the name that is displayed when the mouse passes over it. Let’s see how! 🙂

Well, we already have it! We have modified the login page of our WordPress in a simple and fast way.

As we have seen in the video, it is very easy to modify both the logo that appears, as well as the link and its name. In this way, we no longer have the typical login with the WordPress logo, but we can show a design as personalized as we want.

This is especially interesting when it comes to a corporate website to which we will give access to users, workers and an external community, so that everything is more consistent with the rest of the branding.

In the next class we will continue customizing our WordPress admin, now yes, already logged in. We’ll start by learning how to create and remove widgets from the desktop. Remember that if you have any questions about what is explained in this lesson, you have the Intranet support form at your disposal. See you!

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Remember that if you will have access to everybody the courses and you can also enjoy everything from .

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