WordPress SEO: Position your site in 5 steps

Presented by Gustavo B.

Do you want to position your WordPress site and you don’t know how? We have the answers you are looking for

If you have a WordPress website you want to drive more traffic to it; A good way to achieve this is through the implementation of good WordPress SEO practices.

If you are not sure what these best practices are or how to implement them, join our webinar on Thursday October 7. Gustavo Bustos (Marketing Manager) and Deyimar Albornoz (SEO Manager) will be sharing information about:

  • WordPress SEO Basics
  • Best WordPress SEO Plugins
  • SEO optimization of blog articles
  • WordPress SEO Best Practices
  • And more!…

You don’t need any technical knowledge of WordPress, programming or marketing, we’ll take you step by step to take your WordPress site to the top of the rankings!

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Presented by

Gustavo B.

Gustavo is passionate about creating websites. He focuses on the application of SEO strategies at for Spain and Latin America, as well as the creation of high-level content. When he is not applying new WordPress tricks you can find him playing the guitar, traveling or taking an online course.

Presented by

Deymar A.

Deyi is a digital marketing enthusiast, with a background in web design, content creation, copywriting, and SEO. She is part of ‘s SEO & Localization team. In her free time, she likes to develop projects, read a book or watch a good movie.

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