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For Google it is not enough to be and now it wants to do everything possible to attract TV advertisers by integrating YouTube masthead ads into its app for Smart TVs, a format that is already available in beta worldwide.

YouTube masthead ads: the prominent advertising format on the main screen of the application

The masthead ads format is already quite well known on YouTube’s website as well as its mobile app: it’s the main banner ad that occupies the full width of the page at the top of the screenin which the ad automatically plays for several seconds with the sound off: when a user decides to interact with it, the ad expands to full screen and plays with sound.

The version of masthead ads for Smart TVs is no different in its design, and yet it has one major change: masthead ads for Smart TVs will only be purchasable on a per thousand impressions basis (determined cost per thousand impressions) with the ability to customize to the audience they want to address, unlike the masthead ads in its desktop version and mobile app that until recently they could only purchase on a cost per day basis and that they also have the CPM option.

Advertisers will have the option to purchase masthead ads only for the YouTube app on Smart TVs or as part of a cross screen purchase in various versions. In addition, they will be available for purchase through the .

YouTube exceeds 250 million hours of daily viewing in its app for Smart TVs

We know that consumer habits have changed drastically since the advent of the internet, and among video streaming platforms, YouTube is one of the main ways to make a brand known to its large audience.

“TVs are the fastest growing devices,” says YouTube, “with daily viewing time of . This represents a unique opportunity for advertisers, who have more and more capacity to reach exactly where users are”.

While scale and reach are very important to advertisers, it’s also important that your ad reaches viewers. without negatively impacting the user experience. In this sense, YouTube masthead ads are a good option, since if the ad is relevant, users will interact with it, and if not, they can simply ignore it.

Although Google claims that according to one , YouTube ads on television screens generated a 10% increase in recall compared to conventional television ads, it’s hard to ignore the huge amount of space a masthead ad occupies on a television, something that frequent users of your app on Smart TVs could be annoyed about.

However, as more and more consumers switch from traditional TV service to video streaming like YouTube, it is good to know that brands have new opportunities to present their ads and the masthead ad format can be a good option.

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