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In the fourth class of the course on how to monetize YouTube, we are going to see how the platform really works, and what parameters it considers most important to decide if our video is worthy of going viral.

The YouTube algorithm is one of the most important, unknown and feared things for those who decide to be creators on this platform. It has its own rules and procedures that are updated and changed every few months.

Knowing it a little better, we will be able to create our content so that it is more attractive for both our audience and the algorithm. Let’s start!

In this class we have learned that it takes into account the YouTube algorithm to bring our content to glory. However, there are many things we don’t know about him.

Sometimes it works in a way that we can’t understand. For this reason, it is always said that YouTube is a work of perseverance and breaking down stone. Because the results take time to arrive.

No one really knows how it really works. But we do know what he usually likes. In this class we are going to analyze, first, the operation of the algorithm. What does he do from the moment we publish a video. And how it processes and analyzes its results to decide if our video is shown to more potential audience, or sends it to the well.

I am going to recommend one of the most interesting tasks. Visit the channels of your favorite creators and try to go back to the oldest videos on the channel. It is a very good exercise to see how our favorite creators did things and how they have evolved over time. You will also be able to identify when your channel achieved Momentum. You will notice it in the changes of visits between some videos and others.

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Likewise, remember that through the same platform, you can contact me. I will be happy to answer your questions about any subject of this course.

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