Wingdings Keyboard Map and Cheat Sheet

Wingdings is a typeface or font originally created by Microsoft that is made up of mostly random small images called dingbats. Most fonts use the standard English alphabet and numbers in a variety of different styles. Wingdings, however, is not a font that makes sense if you don’t know what each random symbol represents. If you have a series of numbers that are in Wingdings format, you may have to convert them to a font that is more recognizable (like Arial) . You can do that using the Free Wingdings Online Translator.

Wingdings is a font that can be very useful if you need to make a slide with visual aids, or if you want to encode a secret message. Here’s a cheat sheet with where to find each Wingding symbol on your keyboard.

Wingdings Keyboard Map Chart

Wingdings Keyboard Map
Wingdings Keyboard Map

The numbers from 1 to 5 are mostly used office items. The number 3, contrary to popular belief, is not a tower but a paper with a writing on it. This belief arose after the September 11 terrorist attacks, when Wingdings was associated with encrypted secret messages. Read more here: “Q33 NY”: Hidden Messages in Wingdings and 9/11 Mystery

In the PC video game “Undertale”, created by Toby “Radiation” Fox, it is speculated that a character named W.D. Gaster (The W and D stand for WingDing) speaks encrypted to Wingdings.

Wingdings Cheat Sheet

Here’s a chart with all the symbols included in the Wingdings Font that you can use as a cheat sheet including uppercase and lowercase letters.

Wingdings Cheat Sheet
Wingdings Cheat Sheet

Feel free to download these Wingdings Keyboard Cheat Sheets or if you need to get the font (for example if you’re a Mac user), you can download Wingdings here.

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