6 essential TikTok accounts to practice languages

Social networks have become the perfect tool with which to consume content in other languages ​​and, in addition, with the boom of TikTok, formats have emerged with which to reinforce the study of other languages. Babbel, a reference app for online language learning, aware of the usefulness of this type of informative content, has wanted to compile the six essential TikTok profiles that you should not miss on your mobile timeline.

In his videos, this English teacher addresses everyday questions of vocabulary and pronunciation that can help the user in the most routine conversations. Due to the nature of the social network, the length and format are perfect for gradually acquiring notions of the Anglo-Saxon language with a touch of humour.

Loïc is a young polyglot who is fluent in English, French and Spanish. His knowledge of these three languages ​​leads him to approach, from humor, phonetic and pronunciation issues, always from humor and the double meaning of words. A simple way to differentiate words and expressions and grasp their meaning correctly.

Babbel has also wanted to add to the versatility of TikTok with its own account in which it expands its multi-product universe to reinforce language learning through dialogues and key phrases for everyday life, spread in an entertaining way and available in its thirteen Languages.

This influencer shows her knowledge as a polyglot through challenges and sketches in which her command of Spanish, German, English, French and Italian is demonstrated. An entertainment content with which to subtly acquire some notions of the language that is being learned.

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In this case, the account is oriented to questions of spelling in English and French through videos in which new vocabulary is taught directly and very briefly, as well as explanations about its writing. A way to expand vocabulary and write it correctly.

The essence of this profile is that through the songs, the influencer shows his knowledge of Turkish, English and Spanish. A didactic way of coming into contact with Turkish without giving up the humor and entertainment of his videos, in the purest “tiktokero” style. If, a priori, it may be difficult to find resources in this language, this social network makes it easy

“Those who create educational content on TikTok frame phrases and vocabulary in everyday life experiences through videos of less than a minute, encouraging language learners to learn and review when they have little time,” said Rita Santoyo, Babbel Didactics expert. “Language learning is not an immediate process, which is why we are aware of the work of social networks by offering content in so many languages ​​in an entertaining way for all users, who can reinforce their lessons with these types of resources available to everyone. anyone,” he added.

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