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We see that skirt that we like so much and we can’t resist, we buy it! Shortly after, that bag that you need to buy, but it is quite expensive, becomes fashionable and here you ask yourself the “big question” of: should I buy it or should I put up with it? Furthermore, it always happens to us that over time we get tired of always wearing the same outfit, and even if your clothes are in good condition, you decide to break up with them, throw them away and go shopping, how do you like shopping!

But, this is a mistake! Don’t throw anything away because there are several free second-hand apps that allow you to sell your things and get some money for them. Before they end up in the bin, give them a second chance!

Become a buying and selling crazy!

Wallapop It is an application for buying and selling all kinds of items, and it is also a vice! You can find everything from clothing and footwear to technology and decoration. They have everything you are looking for in Wallapop. What’s different about it? Well, it works with geolocation. That is, it locates users who are close to you and who sell the product you are looking for. A marvel! This second-hand application has 10 million downloads on both iOS, Android and Windows, almost nothing!

It works very simply. In the search engine you enter the word, for example, “bag”, maybe with luck there is the one you have been looking for for months, and a list of different bags will appear and you choose the one you want.

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Once you start the search, it shows you a list of users who are selling it at that moment. You can define it so that only those that are within a 10 km radius appear, in your city or throughout Spain, in case you prefer to go look for it yourself or have it sent to your home.

Then you can open a chat in the application itself to speak directly with the user who sells the item, hopefully they can lower the price, if not for trying.

We can also know what the seller is like thanks to the opinions he receives from users who have bought something from him. We will know if it is a seller you can trust or just the opposite.

Be the first to know what’s selling!

The application Vibbo It is also very well known because it used to be the website, only now they have changed the brand name to a more modern one.

It allows you to search for products by category to make the product search easier and faster. In addition to publishing ads for free, with Vibbo you can modify them whenever you want, from the price, category or description.

A feature of the application is the alarms, you can set it to notify you when someone publishes those shoes that you are passionate about and you are the first to buy them!

But with these bargains you have to have a thousand eyes because in the second-hand world there are many scammers. For this reason, Vibbo has a button to ‘report a possible scam’. That report reaches them, they review it and delete the ad if it is confirmed.

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Currently the application has more than 2 million ads published and organized by categories such as sports, technology, home, leisure, motor or children. You know, before throwing away your things, think twice. Turn the house upside down and list all those unwanted items for sale. If you do it right, you can get a bonus!

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