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Trying to give a 360° vision to Spanish eCommerce, IAB Y have worked, for the third consecutive year, in the Annual eCommerce Study 2017, generating conclusions of the evolution of electronic commerce in recent years. We break it down for you in this video:

Annual eCommerce Study 2017: a global vision of Spanish eCommerce

IABone of the leading digital advertising and interactive marketing agencies, together with our digital marketing agency, , have carried out, for the third consecutive time, the Annual eCommerce Study 2017intending -among other objectives- to give a 360° vision to Spanish eCommerce as well as its evolution, betting on incorporating new phenomena such as corporate trade or the platforms multiproduct.

As a result of the study, the conclusions obtained were, among others, the state of maturity reached by eCommerce in 2017: a 74% Internet users between the ages of 16 and 65 are users of the online sales channel.

Although it is true, and although this data remains stable, placing the Spanish country in a place of maturity in the cycle, we do have other significant changes. On the one hand, the number of buyers who make exclusive use of online increase by 17%, being led by the youngest (from 16 to 30 years old). Also, increases market valuegiven that Spaniards increasingly have a higher purchase ticket, as well as an equally higher frequency of purchase.

Another relevant piece of information provided by this study is, nothing more and nothing less, that, despite the fact that in a 64% of cases is the online world in charge of close the purchasewhere Amazon, eBay, or similar channels play a highly important role, becoming a source of information, it is also true that the 24% keep checking the online for later close on physical channelabove all, buyers from metropolitan areas such as Madrid or Barcelona.

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But, going back to the 64% of users who do buy online using information channels such as Amazon, recommendations from their customers are important. friends or family (89%) and by Other users (83%). As a third influencing factor are the (72%).

In addition to the opinions, they are also highly important -and determining factors when making the purchase- the price (82%), the features of the shipment (79%), the confidence in the same (77%), the after sales service (76%) and the variety of offer available (75%).

In short: we are in front of a buyer increasingly demanding with shipments and more willing to pay to get the products as quickly as possible. In addition, he is a buyer who attaches great importance to the convenience of buying online (98%) and the great assortment that can be found in this medium (97%).

The increase in confidence in Internet portals, by 74%, is generating more and more motivation for this type of purchase, thanks to the good experiences previous (78%) and security in the different payment methods (76%)

But… What products do most users buy in the online channel?

The online buyer, who continues to act fundamentally in individually (82%), although they increasingly introduce their partner (39%) or their children (27%), it maintains -following the trend of last year 2016- physical products in a 92% and services in a 83%. We also highlight the purchases of travel, leisure and technology as main. Fashion, food and home occupy a second area of ​​interest.

And… As for the most used supports?

Most purchases are made through the computer (95%), although 38% of users do it through the smartphoneespecially the young.

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As for collaborative commerce…

7 out of 10 users know of a collaborative commerce page, such as Wallapop, or Vibbo. In addition, most of them declare having used it. Although it is true, this type of business, for buying and selling products, are leaders in the sector, but they are the dedicated to travel stays those who improve their presence every day (48%).

After this Annual eCommerce Study 2017, we get something in key: online shopping in Spain generates satisfaction, being scored by users with a 8’2where the price and the Easy to use are the most satisfactory variables.

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