”Concern” on RTVE due to the trickle of resignations and the audience crisis

Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) does not lift its head and is going through one of the worst moments in its history. The corporation directed by José Manuel Pérez-Tornero has been mired in uncertainty for months, which is resulting in a constant trickle of resignations. The last one has been Esteve Crespo. Until a few days ago, the director of Informative Content of RTVE presented his resignation “for strictly personal reasons” just 10 months after being appointed. Esteve’s departure is added to Amalia Martínez de Velasco’s dismissal last February after less than a year as Director of General Content.

Although both have already been replaced, Josep Vilar is the new director of Informative Content and José Pablo López has been appointed director of General Content of the Corporation, the instability experienced by the public group does not please its workers. And so they have transmitted in a statement.

“We believe that all these comings and goings in the positions of responsibility in Informative feed the instability of the Corporation and magnify the state of disorientation in which a good part of its staff finds itself. Unfortunately, we once again have the feeling that there is still a lack of clear project for RTVE’s News, despite living at a time when we have one of the most extensive management organization charts in our history”, they denounce from the RTVE News Councils.

The instability in the news is not only resulting in dismissals and resignations, this format is in the midst of an audience crisis. Data from Barlovento Comunicación for Friday April 29 show that the desktop edition was the least viewed with a 9.3% audience share and 956,000 viewers, compared to a 21.9% share and 2.2 million viewers. viewers who register the Antena 3 news, the most watched.

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The same happens with the night edition, where it was placed in fourth position with a 9.1% share and just over a million viewers, on this occasion it surpassed La Sexta’s La Sexta Clave news program in audience.

“The leadership of this Corporation cannot be the political arm of the parties in this company”

The situation improves somewhat if the weekend edition is analyzed. The data collected by Barlovento Comunicación for Sunday May 1 shows that in the case of the desktop news on La 1 they come in second place with an average of 1.1 million viewers and a 12.8% audience share. It is only surpassed by the broadcast of Antena 3, which registers a share of 20.2% and 1.7 million viewers. A situation very similar to that recorded by the night edition, with a share of 10.5% and 1.3 million viewers.

In order to remedy this situation, the workers “urgently request a News Department, at its different levels, completely isolated from both internal and external pressures and that can carry out its work with independence and professionalism. And it is an inexcusable task of the Board of Directors and the President of RTVE (and his entire cabinet) to guarantee these conditions of independence for the management of Informative News. We reiterate, as we have done in the past, that the leadership of this Corporation cannot be the political arm of the political parties in this enterprise”.

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