How to identify paresthesia, the last effect of the Moderna vaccine

With a great advance, in the last weeks, of the application of the third dose of the vaccine, in certain population groups -more commonly in young people- the dose of Moderna is being applied. More reactive than other inoculations, among its secondary effects, the .

Already bordering on 40 million complete guidelines in Spain, which represents practically the entire population, since vaccination began on December 27, 2020, up to four companies have had a presence in this process. Pfizer, Janssen, AstraZeneca and Moderna, the latter being the second with the most capacity, applying more than 16 million doses.

A vaccine of American origin whose protection against covid-19 is demonstrated by the high capacity for implantation throughout the world. However, in its implementation that can generate side effects.

These are the most common effects of Moderna

This is recognized by the (WHO), which in its information guide includes fatigue, headache, muscle pain, nausea or fever as the most common symptoms of the application of this vaccine. However, after the third dose, the appearance of paresthesia has also been reported, which may worry patients more due to its strangeness.

This is how paresthesia manifests itself

A side effect that stands out, according to , for the “sensation of burns or pricks in the hands, arms or legs (extremities) that without causing pain appear as a tingling without warning.” Not worrying, therefore, if it occurs in the form of transient paresthesia (such as when sitting for a long time), it can cause greater problems in the case of chronic (permanent) paresthesia.

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Paresthesia can occur up to three days after vaccination

In this case, the health authorities recommend consulting a doctor to update him on the situation but, above all, remain calm because it can be an effect that disappears after a few hours. In addition, from the Ministry of Health they point out that it can arise up to three days after the vaccination.

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