Lenguaskill, the English exam without dates that allows you to certify your level

Among the things that cannot be missing from a CV when looking for a job is a title that certifies our command of a second language. A requirement that sometimes collides with the urgency to get that title and arrive on time for the desired job offer. For this reason, for two years ESIC Idiomas has offered the most modern multilevel test on the market, carried out by Cambridge Assessment English, a non-profit foundation of the University of Cambridge, and accepted by both CRUE and ACLES.

It is an exam that, compared to First or Advanced, has great flexibility, since it does not have a closed calendar to take the exams or to sign up for them. In Lenguaskill there is no calendar, each center sets when they want to do them. In the case of ESIC Idiomas, four exams are currently held a week, in morning and afternoon shifts, so that anyone can sign up without any work compatibility problems. In addition, this modality allows that, if the desired mark is not achieved on the first attempt, part of the exam can be taken on another date and the marks collected in a certificate.

All that is needed to carry out this exam is a computer. For this reason, it is an option that fits perfectly into the situation we are going through, in which the “new normality” continues to require us to be aware of the importance of social distance. Anyone can take the exam through their personal computer, at home. It will be an artificial intelligence system downloaded to that computer, which will help verify the identity of the person before each part of the exam, as well as the supervisor of the center, who will monitor compliance with the regulations.

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