Mercadona has the fashionable softener: price and who manufactures this white label product

Sometimes a product that was not intended to be very successful among the public, rises due to the good reviews received from social networks. That is what has happened to Mercadona, which, always looking at how to satisfy the requests of its consumers, has seen how they brought out their white label fabric softener. Specifically, , is being the most sought after these days in the Valencian chain.

Mercadona’s list of successes under its white brands is long. Pizzas, beers, sausages, yogurts or oils where softeners have now been added. Under the signature of Bosque Verde, the company directed by Juan Roig thus has a new vein to exploit given the good reception it is having these days on social networks.

And it is that despite the fact that this brand had been linked to the Valencian chain for years, it has been the comment of several Internet users who have highlighted the softeners. Of course, only with the Dulzzia variety, it has become a top seller in a matter of hours.

“The new concentrated fabric softener Dulzzia with perfume-releasing microcapsules will give your garments a much longer-lasting fragrance,” reads the label of this product. A fabric softener that is sold in a 2-liter bottle and can cover up to 80 washes, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


For just 1.75 euros, Mercadona also includes a series of graphics for its correct dosage, while warning of the danger of mixing it with other products or using it directly on clothing. Finally, it is made with biodegradable active ingredients, it has not been tested on animals and its packaging is recyclable.

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Who makes Dulzzia fabric softener?

Regarding its preparation, in the case of Bosque Verde all its products related to softeners are manufactured by . Based in Badajoz, this chemical company specializes in cleaning and personal hygiene products.

Born in 1970, this company currently invoices around 130 million euros (2020 result) and has more than 350 workers on the payroll. Data that has helped the association with Mercadona, although as reflected on the group’s official website it also collaborates with countless supermarkets that compete with the Valencian chain.

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