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Public speaking course in which we will see everything you need to know to design, strategically organize and carry out presentations and public talks.

Public speaking has become a fundamental skill for any professional.

Whether you are self-employed or employed; whether you are managers or team managers; Whether you are technical or commercial, it is an ideal course. Why? Well, because a good part of our work consists of transmitting ideas to other people to convince them and knowing how to do it correctly can make the difference between achieving our goal or not achieving it.

In other words, we are all sellers and there are contexts in which it is necessary to know a structure, a strategy and the necessary skills to publicize our ideas, projects, services and products in an effective and persuasive way.

That is what you are going to know and work on in this course. You will see step by step and in detail everything you need to speak in public with solvency and professionalism. I am going to lead you step by step from the formation of the idea, to the staging, going through the design of the impressive visual support,

In short, with this “Public Speaking” course you will have a detailed guide to build and make presentations professionally. Let’s go there!

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All chapters in this course:

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