The best paid health specialties in Spain: up to 120,000 euros per year for gynaecologists, dermatologists…

Choosing a health specialty is a challenge faced every year by tens of thousands of students in the . The vocation often plays a fundamental role in their choice, along with the availability of places, but the specialty can also make a very important difference in terms of salaries, especially in the private sector.

Spring Professional, the Adecco Group’s mid-level, mid-level and managerial selection consultant, has prepared a salary analysis in its 2021 labor market with the best-paid specialties and professions in the

In the health sector, the Gynecologist is the best paid profile in Spain in 2021, followed by the Hospital Manager, the Dermatologist and the Traumatologist, professionals who can receive 120,000 euros per year with experience.

The report points out that the health sector is one of the only ones that has not been affected by an increase in unemployment, quite the opposite. Like the pharmaceutical industry, one of the most important in the Spanish economy. The health sector generates employment slightly above the 68,100 workers. Of the 9.1% that the health sector contributes to GDP, 5.6% corresponds to public health and 3.5% to private health.

The best paid professions and specialties in the health sector

The specialty in gynecology is the best paid in Spain in 2021, followed by profiles such as hospital manager, dermatologist and traumatologist, professionals who can receive 120,000 euros per year with experience.

With remunerations that can reach around 70,000 and 80,000 euros per year, there are positions such as intensivist, nursing director or work doctor, which continues to be the most demanded, within the types of medical services in companies.

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The study indicates that there is a wide need for occupational medicine profiles and a low offer of candidates in the specialty. Demand has been affected by COVID-19 and more and more companies include Occupational Doctors and Nurses in their workforce.

Finally, with a salary of around 38,000 euros a year, there are positions as ICU and operating room nurses.

The report also assesses salaries within the sister sector of ‘Life Science’ as well as ‘Medical Decives’. In the first, Director of Operations is the best paid profile in Spain in 2021. Closely followed is Plant Management, Commercial Management, Medical Management and Business Unit Manager (BUM). All of them can reach a salary of 120,000 euros per year with experience.

In the next step, with a salary between 70,000 and 75,000 euros per year, there are positions such as Head of Pharmacovirology, Head of Laboratory, Head of QA/QC, KAM and Export Sales Manager.

With salaries ranging from 50,000 to 60,000 euros per year, they are Responsible for Qualifications/Validations, Medical/Pharmaceutical Visit, Product Manager, Shift Manager, Regulatory Technician, Galenic/Analytical Development Manager, Pharmacovigilance Technician and CRA? The most demanded profile of the sector?

Finally, in Life Sciences, the positions of QA/QC Technician and Qualifications/Validation Technician can receive an annual salary of 45,000 euros.

Regarding the Medical Devices sector and its commercialization, Commercial Director and Technical Director (QARA) are the best paid profiles within the sector. Both receive 105,000 euros per year if they exceed ten years of experience in a multinational.

With remunerations that reach 45,000 and 60,000 euros per year, respectively, we find the positions of Hospital Sales Representative and Field Service Manager, which is also the most demanded position in the sector.

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