These are the key dates to understand Carnival 2022 and the cities where it will be festive

The final stretch of February is here and, like every year, the Carnivals are beginning to approach their key date in the calendar. However, for the third consecutive year these celebrations will have a bitter tone due to the coexistence with the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to modifying some dates in very distinguished cities of this tradition.

A Christian festival par excellence, Carnival has already become one of the most anticipated celebrations in all of Spain. From its tradition in Cádiz and Tenerife to its expansion across hundreds of regions, 2022 is expected to be the closest thing to pre-covid-19 normality… albeit with some differences.

And the fact is that the pandemic is still present on this holiday, which is why many municipalities have chosen to vary the dates on their calendar. Traditionally, in the days before Lent, that is, normally between the end of February and mid-March, there are celebrations that have been postponed so that the incidence continues to decline and this attracts more tourism and the possibility of more crowds.

When is Carnival 2022?

From Friday, February 25, to Wednesday, March 2 (Ash Wednesday), the 2022 Carnivals thus close another strange month of February and begin the quarantine prior to Easter.

These being the official dates, however, some of the most outstanding regions have changed their dates, to take them to summer (such as Cádiz or Tenerife), while others have lengthened their festivities (such as Las Palmas).

When is the Cádiz Carnival 2022?

Being the main tourist point in Spain for carnivals, the authorities of Cádiz decided to postpone the celebrations of the Gran Teatro Falla, as well as other main ones in the province. In this way, the festivities of chirigotas and their groups will take place from May 9 to June 12, with the most outstanding celebrations being from June 2 to 12.

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When is Tenerife Carnival 2022?

Similar measure to which the Tenerife authorities have arrived, although still without official dates. For this reason, throughout this final stretch of February the carnivals of Tenerife are taking place, although … with the possibility of being held between the 4th and the 26th of that month, according to Canarian media.

When is Carnival 2022 in Las Palmas?

In neighboring Las Palmas they have not reached such a decision and the 2022 carnival festivities are taking place these days, although with some caution due to the coronavirus. From February 11 to March 6, the official calendar has not been modified at the expense of the pandemic situation.

When is Carnival 2022 in Galicia and Catalonia?

Finally, the other two regions where carnivals have become more important in recent years are Galicia and Catalonia. In the style of Las Palmas, their calendars have not been modified and their most typical traditions are maintained for this final stretch of February.

When and where is the carnival holiday?

As it is not a national tradition, in the work calendar there is never any festivity as such at the level of all of Spain for carnivals. However, the regions with more tradition for these dates do choose one of the municipal days to grant the dates close or key to carnivals as non-working.

In this way, March 1, Carnival Tuesday, is a holiday in Cádiz, Tenerife, Las Palmas and most of Galicia. In addition, February 28 (Andalusia Day) is also a holiday in Cádiz, while between Friday, February 25, and Monday, February 28, many schools celebrate White Week, so a large number of students in the whole country enjoy days without classes either on the last Friday of February or the last Monday.

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