These are the requirements and the money needed to open a McDonald’s franchise in Spain

Becoming a franchisee is a business model that has certain advantages over launching yourself as an entrepreneur to open a business on your own. Starting from the support of an existing group behind, regarding one of the most popular companies in the world, McDonald’s, this one of the most affordable options for those who want to enter this world of franchises. However, there are a series of requirements and money to contribute before becoming a member of the historic Ronald McDonald.

According to data, setting up a franchise provides an annual growth of 5%. A different way of entering a business, hand in hand with a great existing partner, which can be profitable for both parties. That is why McDonald’s (it is the world’s leading franchising company) in different parts of the entire Spanish geography.

For this, the company of the most famous hamburgers has a . By clearly explaining all the steps that must be taken and fulfilled to become part of your business, McDonald’s also allows, once you are a franchisee, participation in the innovation and marketing of the global brand.

Being, yes, the company that decides the strategy and location to start the franchise, they also undertake to put the premises ready to function with the entire process of acquisition and investment in prior ownership. Once each contract is signed for a fixed period of 20 years, during this time it will be the responsibility of the franchisee to hire their staff and acquire the necessary equipment and furniture (the raw materials of the food are administered from approved McDonald’s suppliers).

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requirements and money

But already entering as far as money and investment are concerned to become part of the McDonald’s world, for the 20 years signed as a franchisee, the following must be contributed:

– 45,000 fixed euros for franchise rights.

– A percentage fee on sales (calculated for each restaurant based on its cost and sales potential).

– 5% for royalties.

– The initial investment in equipment, furniture and decoration must be between 850,000 and 950,000 euros -of which 400,000 euros must be, at least, own funds-.

– Pay 4% of sales -which is intended for advertising and general marketing of McDonald’s-.

– Pass a 12-month restaurant training course.

– Direct the business exclusively, which entails giving up other possible businesses.

Once all the requirements have been met and all the necessary capital has been provided, you will become part of the largest franchisor in the world. A business model that has given great success to McDonald’s in Spain and that is a growing option in the face of doubts about how to enter the business world.

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