This is Aldi’s new hot air fryer: features, price and when it goes on sale

The fashion for consuming healthier products and, therefore, have fewer fried foods, has led to the promotion of products that try to eliminate oil. Thus, hot air fryers have become one of the star products of supermarkets to the point of being even difficult to find the best value for money. A goal to which with its latest machine on the market.

One, XXL size, which is an innovation in the market and one of the products that the German chain is most committed to these days. Frying without oil, so it achieves much healthier and healthier kitchens with the human body, this device comes under the signature of Quigg.

A white label at the service of Aldi that has already offered other products that combine incredible technological features with a price that fits any pocket. From to , this fryer is the latest in innovation.


With a capacity of 5.5 liters and a power of up to 1,700 watts, these two main properties make this fryer one of the largest on the market and capable of withstanding large quantities for home consumption.

In addition, they have eight temperature levels with a timer of up to one hour and eight cooking programs, to prepare any recipe to the user’s taste just by selecting the preferred mode on the touch screen.


All characteristics of a mid-high range product, which thanks to Aldi’s usual strategy leave the product at just 69.99 euros. A very important saving, given that these machines are usually around 100 euros in other large areas.

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When it goes on sale

However, it will not be until this Saturday, June 19, when the German chain will put the hot air fryer on sale. Only in physical establishments, as Aldi is used to, the company itself recommends consulting the nearest store beforehand if it has this device on its shelves.

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