This is the best electricity and gas rate for the OCU with which to save more than 200 euros a year

If an expense greatly affected Spanish families in 2021, that was the payment of electricity. , until reaching historical highs, and for which the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has paid a lot of attention at the beginning of 2022 to , combining it with the price of gas.

Despite the Executive’s promise to lower the cost of electricity by the end of 2021, last year it closed like . A fact that leaves a significant blow for the average Spanish family, which has seen how in recent months the price of all energies has been increasing (the last one for gas) with the damage it entails for your pocket.

For this reason, in the face of this course it is more than important to find the greatest possible savings with these invoices. Something in which the OCU has tried to help, through its Collective Purchase. After analyzing different companies and their proposals, the institution has opted for one that allows savings of up to 241 euros per year.

This is the best electricity and gas rate for the OCU

A discount compared to other offers that it is responsible for carrying with its reduced prices on electricity and gas. With a fixed rate 12 months a year, this option means you don’t have to focus on the variation set by the market based on demand. In addition, it does not have any permanence commitment, so it benefits the user in case they want a change.

In this way, analyzing it with respect to other offers, Repsol saves up to 159 euros in electricity per year, as well as 82 in gas. A comparison that is developed based on the most expensive rates, taking into account the five main companies in addition to those regulated according to electricity or gas.

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This is Repsol’s offer for electricity and gas

With regard to Repsol’s rates, for electricity it offers the same price 24 hours a day, with 0.1139 euros per kilowatt hour and supply with 100% renewable energy. For its part, in gas the price is 0.0559 euros per kilowatt hour and without the obligation to contract additional services.

Two clear ways to start the year well, within what is expected to be a 2022 loaded with increases again, with the clear prejudice to the average consumer. Therefore, the importance outlined by the OCU in choosing the best option that suits the client, for which it is key to compare according to the power that best suits each home.

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