Total Energies wants 2.8 million electricity and gas customers in Spain in 2026

Total Energies is preparing for its ‘premiere’ in Spain. The subsidiary of the French oil company wants to reach 2.8 million customers in 2026 compared to the two million it currently has after having acquired EDP’s portfolio of domestic consumers. To do this, the company will carry out a campaign this summer with which it will make itself known to its current customers and, later, in September it hopes to carry out its great commercial launch in Spain.

In the market between companies, the marketer has an annual delivered volume of gas and electricity of 2.6 TWh and aspires to raise it to 10 TWh, according to Javier Sánez de Jubera, its general director. In addition, it provides service to 30,400 supply points, both for industrial and corporate clients, SMEs and the self-employed.

Total Energies in Spain has two natural gas combined cycle plants (850 MW) located in the Navarran town of Castejón. Gas plays a fundamental role as backup energy for the development of renewable energies, such as solar, which perfectly complements TotalEnergies in Spain’s commitment to develop 5GW solar, which they also plan to incorporate with Saft batteries in the coming years to optimize their production. .

The 5GW portfolio of solar projects under development between now and 2025 represents an investment by TotalEnergies in Spain of 4,000 million euros, which will be added to the disbursement already made for purchases by both customers and EDP’s combined cycles.

With these operations, Total turns Spain into its second most important market.

The company also wants to enter the self-consumption business and the installation of recharging points for electric cars, mainly in homes.

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The company already has 318 people on staff and aspires to reach 443 in 2026.

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